Dinner Plan: January 2-8, 2011

When I went to the grocery store today I’d planned on buying a huge thing of chicken and just using that all week.  When I explained that to DH at the store his face fell and I knew we probably needed to do something else.  *sigh*  Not such a big deal, but definitely more expensive than I’d planned.  So, we wandered the grocer with DH suggesting different things and me agreeing.  I almost always agree.  And here’s the menu we came up with for the week.  If I use an actual recipe then I’ll try to post it.  If not, then I won’t. 

Sunday: Teriyaki salmon (bottled marinade) with brown rice, salad and veggies

Monday: Broiled steak (might be marinated if I remember) with baked potatoes, salad and veggies

Tuesday: Delivery Chinese (it’s my late night at work)

Wednesday: Date night!

Thursday: Chicken soft tacos and salad

Friday: Chicken stir fry

Saturday: Ham and eggs

During the week, my lunches will probably consist of soup, fruit and a granola bar.  Breakfast is mostly yogurt with fruit and cereal on top and coffee.  So that’s it.


Today’s blog prompt asks: What’s the single most important thing you accomplished in 2010?

This one is also a bit difficult for me to answer.  As you faithful readers know, 2010 was a big year for me.  So I guess it all comes down to where your focus is in life… which also doesn’t help because I don’t have one major area on which I focus.  There are really two or three areas.  All of them are important because they all intertwine and are reliant on one another in some way to succeed.

So, let’s start with work.  I work at a library and supervise the people who check your books out and the people who shelve them.  I have a great job but I always want more and I almost always have a plan.  One of the most difficult parts of my plan was completed this year when I got my Masters in Library Science.  That accomplishment has resulted in doors that are opened wider, and a feeling of greatness on my part.  I know that I wouldn’t have been able to do it as well or as completely if I didn’t have two other areas in my life to rely upon: my family and my health.

On the family front, by far my biggest accomplishment was getting married.  It’s not like it was a surprise or like planning the wedding was super hard work or like my husband and I had some major crisis to overcome in getting married.  But I guess it counts as an accomplishment because we’ve always known we’d do it even though it never felt like the right time.  Finishing school and being healthy were two major components in us deciding it was “right” to get married last year.

Healthwise the accomplishment isn’t something major like beating back a disease or coming through surgery, but it is something that’s every bit as difficult for most Americans – keeping weight off.  I wasn’t 100% successful with this accomplishment since I regained about 15 pounds that I lost, but I could have regained a lot more.  And I know that the healthier food choices I made gave me the energy to finish school, plan a wedding and honeymoon, and deal with all the stress of the latter part of the year without having major health complications of my own.

So, those are my accomplishments for 2010.  What are yours?

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