Dinner Plan: January 2-8, 2011

When I went to the grocery store today I’d planned on buying a huge thing of chicken and just using that all week.  When I explained that to DH at the store his face fell and I knew we probably needed to do something else.  *sigh*  Not such a big deal, but definitely more expensive than I’d planned.  So, we wandered the grocer with DH suggesting different things and me agreeing.  I almost always agree.  And here’s the menu we came up with for the week.  If I use an actual recipe then I’ll try to post it.  If not, then I won’t. 

Sunday: Teriyaki salmon (bottled marinade) with brown rice, salad and veggies

Monday: Broiled steak (might be marinated if I remember) with baked potatoes, salad and veggies

Tuesday: Delivery Chinese (it’s my late night at work)

Wednesday: Date night!

Thursday: Chicken soft tacos and salad

Friday: Chicken stir fry

Saturday: Ham and eggs

During the week, my lunches will probably consist of soup, fruit and a granola bar.  Breakfast is mostly yogurt with fruit and cereal on top and coffee.  So that’s it.

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