I Cooked: Steak Marinade

At the grocery store on Sunday, DH expressed an interest in steak for dinner some time this week.  So, I obliged and we bought steak and cooked it tonight.

I marinated the stake today with the recipe found here except for one change.  I’ll copy/paste the recipe with my change below.  If you click the link you’ll see it’s almost identical.  Mix all the ingredients together, pour over steak, and refrigerate for several hours.

Steak Marinade

  • 1/3 cup soy sauce
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1/3 cup lime juice
  • 1.5 tbsp garlic powder
  • 3 tbsp dried basil
  • 1.5 tbsp dried parsley
  • 1 tsp pepper
  • 1/4 tsp hot pepper sauce (like tabasco)
  • 1 tsp minced garlic


So, this ended up being more “limey” than I’d expected, and not nearly as garlicky or spicy.  It was good, but next time I’ll add more garlic and hot pepper sauce, and reduce the lime.  I’ll definitely try it again!

Picture Test

Please disregard this posting…  I’m just testing a picture here..

Memories that make me smile

I’m home from work today with my arms in so much pain from lifting weights that I can hardly pull up my pants.  That kind of pain is no fun when you work at a job as physical as mine – what, you think library people sit behind desks all day?  Hardly!  We move, shake, lift, rotate and alphabetize hundreds of times a day.  When you can’t use your arms, you can’t do your job.  So I’m home, scared to use the bathroom lest I have to pull up my pants again.  *sigh*  I know I overdid it.  No need to tell me…

Well, today’s blog prompt came in the nick of time: Share something that makes you smile.

There are so many memories I have that unleash that gooey happy feeling in my chest.  I’ll share some of them here with you.

Dancing with daddy.

My dad came back to live with us again when I was 5 and left again when I was 8 years old.  We had this buffet table that was never used for buffets, but instead housed a record player/cassette player/radio thing from the early 1980’s.  The radio had fake wood paneling.  The records for the record player were kept in the cabinet below.  My dad was a big country music fan so we had a ton of country records.

One day I’d followed him around the house, watching as he painted his nudes then got ready to go out.  He turned on the record player and queued up “Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue” by Crystal Gayle.  I asked him to dance with me.  He picked me up, put me on his hip and danced.  He sang along in my ear.  I love this memory because I felt so cherished.

Here’s a video of Crystal Gayle singing the song that reminds me of my dad.



Last night as I was cooking our salmon for dinner, I was reminded of the first meal I cooked for my husband.  We were only a few years into our relationship.  It was Valentine’s Day and I wanted it to be special.  I went to a discount store and bought candlesticks for the table.  Then I bought salmon steaks, asparagus and potatoes from the grocer.  Finally I asked my brother and sister to make plans to be away from the house, and my mother to stay in her room.

I’d never cooked salmon before, so I looked for the easiest recipe I could find.  Can you believe I cooked it in the microwave?  I was so nervous!  The salmon went in a casserole dish with lemon juice in the bottom.  Each steak was topped with a pat of butter, a bit of salt and pepper, and a slice of lemon.  Then it was covered and microwaved until it was done.  In the meantime the asparagus was boiled and the potatoes were baked.  When dinner was ready, the candles were lit.  I worried for naught – the meal was delicious and romantic.  It was a great way to celebrate our relationship.

The funny thing is that as we were eating last night, DH brought up this memory and said that he was so impressed with my cooking that night.  Isn’t it weird how we both thought about that same memory with that one shared meal?

Other Memories

The rest of these memories make me smile too, but they’re little flashes of memory.  No major stories to go with them:

Laying my newborn nephew on my chest and reading Dante’s Inferno aloud to him so that I could get my homework done and he could relax enough to sleep.  Not ideal reading material, but I worked with what I had and he was sound asleep!

Driving my brand new car home from the dealership.

Hearing my future mother-in-law tell me that I was much to smart not to go to college.  And then hearing her say that she was proud of me when I was done.

When I was offered the promotion to my current position at the library.  I was so giddy I could barely sit still.

Fitting into a size small jacket – that had never before happened in my adult life.

Getting the email that my e-portfolio was acceptable as evidence that I’d completed the requirements to get my MLIS.

Seeing my brother in a tux and realizing that my wedding was real – that I really was going to marry my best friend, partner, and the love of my life in just a few minutes.


Awwww heck, now I’m all gooey and crying with happiness!  Darn you WordPress Gods!  Well, not really.  I’d rather cry from happiness than sorrow any day.  How bout you?

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