Thank God I’m Home!

Thank God I’m home.

I love my job.  It keeps me busy, challenges me in different ways and my coworkers are awesome.  Even with how much my job fulfills me, days like today remind me of how much I like being at home with DH even more.

I knew today would be rough, but it was ridiculous!  I had 2 people out sick today and another was injured.  Our morning volunteers didn’t show so we started the day behind.  I spent so much time in the sorting room today that my left elbow, wrist and thumb are all aching.  My back hurts from all the bending and stooping I had to do.  My brain doesn’t want to deal with another impatient person today.

Saturday and Sunday we checked out almost 6,000 items!  We circulated as much on Sunday (in 4 hours) as we did on a Saturday (7 hours) at the old building.  We checked in over 6,300 items over the weekend.  Between today’s frantic pace and the fact that all holiday checkouts were due today, I think we’ll be very close to Saturday’s numbers.  I’ll know for sure tomorrow.

Even with the exhaustion and soreness I’m feeling, I’m still happy.  That’s a sign that you’ve got a great job and it’s definitely something to be thankful for.

Motrin, ice, heat and relaxation – Here I come!

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