Half Mast

Yesterday, the flags at my library were lowered to half mast in response to the terrible tragedy in Arizona.  Members of my staff told me how much they appreciated seeing a visual tribute for the victims of the crazy man.  A couple of patrons also expressed their appreciation of this action.

Would you believe I also received a negative comment about it?  The patron asked me if the flags were lowered “because of what happened in Arizona.”  When I answered that this was the reason, he responded that it’s a shame the library felt it necessary to honor “all those crooks.”  I said “Surely you don’t think that 9 year old girl was a crook.” When he sputtered angrily, I just gave him my disapproving librarian look, shook my head and walked away.  I couldn’t do anything else.  I knew if I stuck around I would have given him a bigger piece of my mind.

No matter what you think about someone’s politics, gunning down innocents is never the right move.  I’m not surprised, but I am disgusted that someone in my community believed that the shooter was justified in his actions and that we shouldn’t grieve for the victims.

How I Make Myself Sleep

Sometimes it’s almost impossible for me to go to sleep.  It’s not that I’m not tired.  I can be exhausted, but my brain just won’t shut up long enough for me to fall asleep.  Since I try to avoid medication wherever possible (because I’m convinced I’ll get hooked on something), I’ve had to find other ways to make myself sleep.

The best trick I’ve found is to go through the minutiae of the next day’s activities in order.  If I think of something that needs to be added, but I’ve already passed the most logical place for it to happen, I start imagining the day’s activities again so that I can insert the new activity.

For instance:

  1. Get up at 6am
  2. Turn off alarm
  3. Sit up in bed
  4. Put on slippers
  5. Make bed
  6. Get in shower

Oops…  I forgot something

  1. Get up at 6am
  2. Turn off alarm
  3. Sit up in bed
  4. Put on slippers
  5. Make bed
  6. Gather clothes for the day
  7. Get in the shower

And so on.  I rarely get past breakfast in this imagining of daily activities before I’m asleep.

One of my coworkers does something similar.  She says “good night” to each part of her body and imagines each body part getting heavier and “falling asleep” before she drifts off herself.   I haven’t tried it yet, but she swears by it.

Another coworker goes thinks about her daily affirmations.

Yet another lists the things that make her happy.


Well, now that I’ve talked about sleeping, it’s time to do it myself!  Until tomorrow’s post…

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