Getting My Steps In

You know what’s one of the best things about working at a public library?  If you do it right it’s an active job.

Everyone who works at the library is almost always on their feet.  They bend, stoop, kneel, climb, reach and lift repeatedly.  They walk from one end of the library to the other.  And the faster they go, the more calories they burn.

We all knew that we walked a lot at work.  The reference staff (people who help you find information) started wearing pedometers.  On a typical day they walk 5,000-8,000 steps!  If they were to use their breaks to take a walk around the block, they’d be even closer to the 10,000 steps goal most people have set for themselves.

I received a pedometer for Christmas (thanks Santa!).  I started wearing it to work.  Today wasn’t a particularly busy day, but it was an 11.5 hour day.  By the time I got home, I’d walked 7,300 steps.  I didn’t feel like getting the treadmill out, so I did the Free Run on my Wii Fit.  Once I’d finished the 30 minute jog, I’d accumulated a total of 12,670 steps for the day.  Wow!  With this kind of daily activity, all I need to do is avoid the tempting foods and I’ll be in a better place health-wise.

So tomorrow I’ll try again to meet the 10,000 step goal (about 4 miles) without concentrated exercise.  There’s a good chance I’ll meet that goal with the library tours I’ll be giving.

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