TV on DVD (or Netflix… whatever)

I’m a busy gal, and my husband is a busy guy.  I’m only saying this to let you know where I’m coming from when I say that I really dislike TV.  Well, not the TV exactly.  More like the TV shows that I want to see that come on at a time that’s not convenient for me to watch.  Most people would suggest that we get a DVR to answer this problem, but I refuse to pay extra on my (already exorbitant) cable bill just so that I can watch a few TV shows.  Especially since we already subscribe to Netflix, and Hulu is free.

Since I refuse to pay anything more for cable than I already am, that really does leave me with few options.  And, because I really hate to wait for a new season to come out, that cuts down on my options even more.  As a result, I’m left with watching canceled TV shows on DVD, Netflix or Hulu.

We’re working our way through the Terminator: Sara Connor Chronicles on Netflix right now.  It’s pretty bad.  Lots of plot holes and a whiny teenager who will somehow grow into a resistance leader.

So, this will end soon… any suggestions for our next show?

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