1/24/11 Exercise Check-in

It’s been about a month since I last jog/walked for exercise. I’m surprised I did as well as I did on this jog. I went for it at a 1% incline on my treadmill and basically broke my walks up with jogging at regular intervals. After a 5 minute warmup walk, I jogged for 5, walked for 3, jogged for 2, walked for 2, jogged for 3, walked for 3, jogged for 2, etc., until I hit 30 minutes. Then I cooled down for 2 minutes by going progressively slower on the treadmill.  In all, I went 2.15 miles in 32 minutes.  According to DailyMile that’s a 14.53 minute pace

At one point I felt liquid running down my leg. I knew I hadn’t peed myself, so I know it was sweat. Still a gross feeling. Somewhere in there the whole left side of my lower ribcage hurt, which really sucked. It went away after awhile. Then my knee. Then my ankle.

I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to walk during that last 3 minute jog. It was so hard to breathe. The saliva was thick in my mouth. I could tell my posture was off but I didn’t have the energy to fix it. I was relieved to see the timer turn to 30 minutes so I could walk and bring my breathing back to normal.

I’m glad I jogged today. I need to do it a lot more regularly if I’m ever going to complete a 5k in a decent amount of time.

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  1. Good Job! Sounds like your run was much like mine a few days ago. I cannot believe how out of shape I got in just a week or 2 (and a half!). Keep up the good work. It should get easier for both of us!

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