Battling the Coolant Monster

I was so proud of myself yesterday.  I figured out how to check my coolant levels and made it to the store to buy the right kind of coolant.  Then I tried to add coolant to the reservoir only to find that the stupid lid wouldn’t budge.  I had to have spent 20 minutes trying different ways to get get that lid open: pulled and twisted, pushed and twisted, wrapped rubber bands around the handle and then tried the first two… no luck.  Ugh.  There goes that “I am woman hear me roar” moment.

This morning DH tried to open it for me with the same results.  It seems that some overzealous mechanic overtightened it or put it on in such a way that mere mortals can’t take it off.  That same mechanic failed to tighten my valve covers.  So my choices are to try to find a tool that will open it or take the car to the shop so they can do it.

DH says that my coolant level is only a little low so it’s OK to drive to work this week.  It still scares me to drive on it so I’ll probably drive tonight (it’s my late night), and take BART tomorrow and Thursday.

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