Living Forever

My brain is fried after a looooong day at work so I’m falling back on the WordPress Blog Prompt: If you could live forever, would you? Why or why not?

The answer to the first part is: no.

The answer to the second part is: because I would be depressed.

Seriously, think about it.  At first living forever sounds awesome.  You can see how everything changes, watch our society grow, and more.  But then think about watching all those people die.  Everyone you let into your life will die and leave you behind.  The only way to combat that is to keep making new friends, but I’m not a social enough person for that to work.  Either that or you’d have to have a companion that will live as long as you… and what if you get sick of that companion.  Then what?

It would just suck.  So, although I don’t want to get old, I don’t want to live forever either.

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