Working on a Sunday

As a manager, I’m required to work 4 Sundays each year and be “Sunday Manager” for my library system.  In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t terrible.  Sundays are usually pretty low key unless something crazy happens.  And they only last for 5 hours.  They also give me a chance to connect in person with my Services As Needed (SAN) staff and others who are picking up extra hours that day.

Once I’m actually at work, I’m fine.  But that whole day leading up to it I feel like throwing a tantrum.  Seriously – a foot stomping, fist flailing, screaming, crying tantrum.  Childish, right?  On the drive I have to remind myself not to dawdle, too.  It’s even harder than a Saturday because by the time I have to leave DH is awake and disappointed that we won’t be spending the day together.  On Saturdays I’m usually gone before he gets up.  Plus, the Sunday schedule falls right in the middle of the day, which makes it very difficult to get anything useful done at home.  Grr….

So, as you probably guessed by now: tomorrow is my Sunday to work.  I’m already pouting – it’s ridiculous!  It’s probably why I was so irritable with Kaiser Pharmacy today too.  *sigh*

That means that tomorrow I have to get up early, take DH out for breakfast (our Sunday tradition), do the grocery shopping, eat an early lunch, pack a snack, go to work, come home and cook dinner. The only things on that list I’m looking forward to are breakfast with DH and coming home.  Maybe cooking dinner too.

Ugh.  Whine, whine, whine.  Yes, I would like some cheese with my whine! 😉

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