Exercise 1/30/11 – My Victory-Defeat

Today’s jog was both a victory and a defeat.  It sounds weird – I know – but it was two things wrapped up into one.

I was already not feeling that great.  I had to convince myself to even get started with the jog.  Reminding myself that I’ll never be able to run a whole 5k if I don’t work at it was the trick to get me going today.

I set my incline to 1% and got started with the workout.  I’d decided to see how long I could jog all at once and make a game of it.  Here’s how it went:

  • 5 minute warmup walk
  • 10 minute jog (yay!  Victory!)
  • 3 minute walk
  • 5 minute jog (yay! Victory!)
  • 2 minute walk
  • 1 minute jog (defeat! Felt like I was going to puke)
  • 2 minute walk
  • 1 minute jog (defeat! Puke-y feeling again)
  • 1 minute walk (defeat! left the treadmill to almost puke)
  • 2 minute jog
  • 1 minute walk

So yeah… I’ve never exercised till I almost puked before.  It was a novel experience and not one that I’d like to repeat.  I think that I’ll avoid eating Chipotle in the hours before a run in the future.

That was my victory-defeat.  My fastest pace (14:32), my longest distance (2.27 mi), my longest straight jog (10 minutes) and my first sickness.  Go me!

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