One of our staff was injured a few months ago with a repetitive stress injury.  They’re actually a very common injury in library work because we make the same motions over and over, which repeatedly stresses the same muscles and tendons throughout the day.  She received treatment for the injury and a small settlement.  During the time that she was receiving treatments, her ability to work at the same pace and at the same tasks was hindered.  The rest of the staff stepped in to help and never complained once.  As a way of saying thank you to her coworkers, the staff member handed me some money and asked that we plan a party.  So we did.

The staff was so excited to plan this party!  After discussing the options, they decided that the best use of the money was to bring a barbecue and grill some carne asada for a fiesta.  They went to the Mexican Supermarket and bought a bunch of meat, vegetables, corn tortillas, and flour tortillas.  One of the staff made homemade refried beans.  Another made Mexican rice.  Someone else made a margarita cheesecake.  Yet another took care of the decorations.

Today was party day.  It was so nice!  Everyone was so relaxed and happy.  Oh yeah – and full of excellent food.  They played Latin music too.

One of our newer staff members said that every day they’re reminded of why they’re thankful to be working at my library.  Today their reminder was that we all like each other and that we know how to throw a great party!


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