Super Bowl Half-Time

I don’t typically watch football, mostly because unless someone is actually running into the end zone or kicking the ball between the goal posts I don’t get what’s going on.  But today was the Super Bowl, so I sort of watched.  By that I mean that I cleaned the house and went out to a restaurant with the in-laws to celebrate SIL’s birthday while the game played in the background.

So we’re just getting ready to place our food orders when the half-time show comes on.  I was a bit excited to see it because I’d heard so much about how awesome the half-time shows are.  Once it started, however, all I could think was “Really?  Millions of people are seeing you perform and you suck this hard?  Wow.”  Other people at the restaurant had similar expressions on their faces, and some even voiced my thoughts.

I’m not sure what, exactly, I was expecting.  Something with life perhaps.  Something that didn’t sound so terrible.  Something that was imaginative (although the box-head people were an interesting concept – DH says they reminded him of the box-head guys who chased Gumby).  Either way, the Black Eyed Peas sucked hard.  Better luck next time “singers.”


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