No Internet?

One of the blog prompts from WordPress asks: Could you live without the internet for a week? For a month?

My first thought when answering this question was that I’d already lived without the internet for a week once before.  But then I thought about the circumstances that led up to it.  For starters, I was on vacation.  Add to that the fact that I was in Las Vegas, celebrating the Bachelor’s degree I’d received by attending classes that were partially online.  Also, most of my free time that week was spent inebriated, sleeping or wandering The Strip/Hoover Dam/Grand Canyon.  With that in mind, you can see why it was so easy for me to live without the internet for that week.

Although there were twinges on some days where I’d want to check my email, I was able to ignore it because I was so busy.  Well… that and I had text messaging to take its place.  It was relatively easy to live without the internet for that week because I simply didn’t need it.

If I were to attempt to live for a week without the internet in my regular life, it would be very difficult.  Everything at work is electronic and some major components require the internet to work!  For instance, when the internet goes down people can’t easily check out or return their books.  And they certainly can’t receive a library card.  Because I’m part of a medium-large system, much of our communication is done by email (although I suppose we could pick up the phone and call each other with questions during our non-internet time).  Much of my communication with friends and family is done through Facebook and texting, so without internet I’d be forced to actually talk to them in person or on the phone.  If I were still in school, my studies would come to a standstill since my entire graduate program was online.

I know that removing the internet for a short time is doable, but it would be painful in many ways.  Things would move slower, and my productivity at work would definitely decrease.  But on the other hand it may result in better communication with others as I’m forced to get out from behind the computer monitor and interact with them.  So, yeah, I can go sans internet, but it would suck.


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