OK. I admit it…

I suck at this whole posting every day thing.  Life got in the way, I got lazy and stopped posting daily.

So…  what’s new?  Seriously?  It’s only been a week.  Oh yeah!  Valentine’s Day.

DH and I tend to celebrate Valentine’s Day on an off day (as in, not the actual day of Valentine’s Day).  We found a coupon for Chili’s that got us a 3 course meal and a margarita for under $40!  So we used it on our regular Wednesday date night.  It was quite tasty.  We also made plans for this past weekend that I’ll tell you about in a sec.

What else happened?  Friday I took care of my mom and watched Biggest Loser with my sister.  It was actually pretty nice.  Mom was a bit reserved, but I think it had something to do with me answering every request for pretzels with an answer she didn’t want to hear.   Then my sister and I made plans to meet for lunch before her purse party the next day.

Remember my Christmas present post about the Miche purse I received?  Apparently they also have people who will come to your house and do a purse party.  It’s kinda like a tupperware party except with purses.  Well, when the representative showed up, she needed some help bringing the boxes of purses and shells in.  The ground was wet, my sister wasn’t wearing shoes with good traction… and she slipped and fell down the front steps.  After the party we ended up at emergency and my sister was given a splint to wear.

Then on Sunday DH and I did our “Great Mall Vacation.”  Basically, the way this vacation works is that we get a room at the hotel near the Great Mall in Milpitas.  Then we wander the mall, watch the people, buy an outfit, change into the outfit, go for dinner and hang out at Dave and Busters.  We walk back to our room and snuggle.  It’s one of the most affordable vacations we do, simply because it’s about 30 minutes from home in a non-touristy town.  It gives us an excuse to hang out together and enjoy the time together.

Those are the highlights of my past week.  Yep.  That’s what kept me away from you all.


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