Your Reason For Being Right There

On Thursday night DH was heading home from work in San Francisco, much like any other night.  He rode BART and exited at our home station.  And, as sometimes happens, he saw a friend that also rides BART and sometimes hitches rides home with DH.  Tonight was just a bit different though.

Our friend, J, looked frightened as he exited the train and said to DH as he was hurrying past “Come on, let’s go.  WE gotta go, we gotta go, we gotta go.”  DH heard some guys saying something along the lines of “Fucking fag, I’m gonna fuck you up” but he couldn’t tell who it was.  DH put himself in between J and the guys, and kept J from running out of the station.  One of the guys ran off, the other hid behind a pole to wait for J to come past.  When DH and J called the cops the one who hid ran away too.

I don’t know how many of you know this, but BART is a dirty, nasty, dangerous transportation system.  Most of the passengers are disgusting in some way, and another good portion of them are violent, thuggish boors.  This type of incident happens so many times every day on BART that people just ignore it.  DH rides every day and has a ton of stories about the things he’s seen and experienced.

While discussing this particular hate crime, DH brought up an idea that I’ve often considered: what if all of his experiences in life and all of the choices he’s made until now happened to ensure that he would be at BART at that moment to keep his friend from running past that hateful person and into harm?

I’ve thought about something similar when I’ve had experiences of my own.  Like when that patron had a medical emergency and I kept her from leaving the building until the EMTs arrived.  Or when I’ve hit every single red light only to drive past an accident that I could have been in had I made every green.

I don’t know if I believe in fate per se, because it implies that we aren’t really making our own decisions when we choose to do one thing or another.  But I do believe that sometimes we’re meant to be exactly where we are sometimes, and sometimes there’s a guiding hand in our decisions until that point.

What do you think?  When we are in the right place at the right time is it 100% fate or is it something a bit more complicated?


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