What Else Are You Half-Assing?

I finally got around to watching last week’s Biggest Loser episode – my guilty pleasure.  Much like any other show, some episodes have lines that just make you think, ya know?  Last week’s was one of those for me.

After a few workouts where the contestants were running sprints at 8 or 9 (not sure if that’s mph or difficulty level), Jillian made them run one sprint at 11 or 12.  Everyone looked at her like she was insane when she said to bump up the speed, but they did it anyway.  Boy, were they thrilled when they finished!  In the little interviews they do at different times during the episodes Jillian talked about that particular workout.  She said something along the lines of “If you’ve been running sprints at 8 when the whole time you could have done it at 12…  what else in your life have you been doing half assed?”

That struck a nerve with me.  How many times do you find yourself doing something one way because it’s easier or because you simply don’t believe you can do it any other way?  Have you even tried doing it differently?  Have you even tried putting forth the effort to improve your performance?

I asked myself these questions and had that little voice in the back of my head calling it “perfectionism.”  But striving to improve yourself, to improve your life and that of those you love is not perfectionism.  Working towards any improvement in life is about loving yourself and others to the extent that you know that your current experience just isn’t good enough AND you’re actively trying to make it better.

I really think that I’ve been half-assing a lot of things in the past few months.  I wonder if there’s a touch of depression, mostly because things haven’t felt “right” for awhile.  So, instead of working towards the goals that I’ve set for myself and my family, I’ve been sitting on my ass paying lip service to those goals hoping that they’ll just go away.  But goals that are verbalized (and published) on the internet never go away.  They stare at you every time you look at your blog stats and see that someone out there has read your post on that particular goal.

Half-assing is definitely easy, but it doesn’t feel good.  Here’s my question then: How do I get out of this funk and whole-ass everything from now on?  Any suggestions?

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