My Ubuntu Life: F-Spot

I spent almost a full day goofing off on the internet with my Ubuntu machine.  I watched Hulu with it and had no problems.  I figured out how to change my background, screen saver, and screen resolution (that helped with the font size on every screen).  I opened Word Processor and closed it after a second.  With nothing to type in there and no real reason to work with it yet, it didn’t make sense to mess with the program yet.  DH said my expression said “OMG the 90s just shat on my computer.”  It wasn’t that bad, but I don’t think I’m ready to mess with it too much yet.

Today I played with F-Spot.  I took pictures of DH’s cooking adventures today and used them to test out F-Spot.  I only took 11 photos, so I don’t know how well it does with bigger uploads.  It seemed to work just fine for my needs.

Basically, I took my SD card out of the slot in my camera, plugged it into the slot on my computer.  Ubuntu immediately recognized it and asked what to do with the info on the card.  I chose F-Spot from the drop down menu, added my tags and clicked upload.  I could edit the photos if I wanted to but nothing really needed very much work, plus I know nothing about editing, except for removing red eye.

I really liked that I could use F-Spot to upload my photos directly to Flickr.  I just had to give my approval on both programs and click “complete.”  I couldn’t see a way to do it as easily with Snapfish but I’m pretty sure that it’ll be just as easy to upload as with Windows.

Although I haven’t had a chance to mess with everything F-Spot has to offer, it seems to work well enough for my needs.  So far open source isn’t too bad!


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