Rough Evening = Poor Sleep

I did not sleep well at all last night.  It was a vicious cycle of dozing for 20 minutes or so and then being wide awake for 10 minutes before I dozed off again.  So you can imagine that when the alarm went off for my 6am run I was totally not feeling it.  Seriously.  I was dizzy from such poor sleep.  I turned the alarm off and decided to get up with my husband’s alarm in 40 minutes.  Imagine my surprise to be wide awake at 6:30.

I’m wondering how much of my poor sleep last night had to do with having to call the sheriff at work yesterday.  There were 3 kids fighting at the library.  The kids that were watching the fight pulled the 3 off each other when I went over there and started yelling.  I can be pretty scary, I guess.  I kept the 3 fighters with me and waited for the sheriff; the other kids scattered.

While we were waiting for the sheriff, one of the kids was sobbing and begging me to let him leave.  When I told him that I couldn’t and that he needed to wait for the sheriff to talk to them, he said “You don’t understand, my parents beat me.  My step-dad kicks me in the back and punches me.  My mom doesn’t do anything about it.”  Then he wrapped his arms around our security guard and couldn’t let go.  My heart was breaking.

We’re not mandated reporters, but when the sheriff arrived I pulled him aside and told him what the boy said.  He said that he would tell the school resource officer, and that the other officer would take care of things from there.  He also indicated that he thought the boy was saying something along the lines of “Oh my God, my parents are going to kill me” that kids say when they’re getting in trouble.

I’ve seen that reaction so many times that I feel like I can tell the difference between a child saying “my parents are going to kill me” and one saying “my step-dad kicks and punches me, please let me go so he doesn’t find out and hit me worse.”  I feel like I can tell the difference between resignation and outright fear.  I don’t hold out hope that this boy’s situation will be improved.

This child was on my mind for much of the night last night, and is still there this morning.  I know I’ve done what I can to get him out of that situation, but I worry that I did make his situation worse by not letting him leave and find a way to hide his injuries from his parents.


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