Laundry Blues

I’ve got the laundry blues… but not in the way you think.  For most people, the laundry blues are caused by the fact that they have laundry to do.  For me, it’s because my washer and dryer are never available for me to use.  I know you’ve all heard me complain about this before: one washer and dryer for four households to share.  If people aren’t considerate it can be a nightmare to get your laundry done.  I know of at least one neighbor who packs their laundry up and goes to a laundromat to avoid the headache.

I’m lucky, in a way, because I have the ability to do laundry at my mom’s house when I take care of her on Fridays.  I really don’t like doing it though.  It just feels weird sometimes.  And other times I just don’t want to stay there that long.  But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

I’m only bringing this up (again) because I have all of this beautiful fabric to wash, cut up and sew back together… with no means to wash it in the first place.  Our laundry room is in use again.  So now I have to wait until tomorrow when I’m at my mom’s to wash fabric and clothes.

It’s actually one of the biggest reasons for us to buy a house, besides getting away from the murderers, thieves and thugs that we know as “neighbors”.  The washer and dryer are a household appliance that I lust after.  A decent stove is another.  Oh yeah, and a working heater.  *sigh* the things I’d do if I owned this place.

Well, that will change soon.  We’re on our way to home ownership, hopefully sometime this summer but definitely by the end of the year.  I just have to be patient until then, right?

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