Dreaming of Tornadoes

I don’t know if it has anything to do with all the news coverage of the tornadoes touching down in the states east of California, but I dreamed of two tornadoes last night.  It’s not like I’ve never dreamed of them before.  It’s just that the tornadoes in this dream were very different from my other dreams.

In previous dreams I’d see a mini tornado (think tasmanian devil style) and run into the house for shelter while the tornado swirled harmlessly outside.  Or I’d be on a hill and see a funnel cloud that looked like it was about to touch down at the school near my Mom’s house, so I’d run over there and get the kids to safety (even the pregnant 8 year old who falls from the tree – don’t ask, she’s always in my tornado dreams, not sure who she’s supposed to be).  Sometimes there would be multiple mini tornadoes.  Sometimes they’d be straight up and down, sometimes shaped like a funnel.

But my dream last night was different.

I looked out the back door to my Mom’s house and saw a giant tornado heading towards us.  Seriously – huge, straight up and down, dark gray, looked almost solid.  I slammed the door shut, and told my sister, niece, nephew and mom that a tornado was headed this way and we needed to hide.  I ran to the closet in my Mom’s room and started chucking clutter out of the way.  The rest of my family was dawdling and looking at me like I was nuts.  I screamed “Get your asses in this closet!  I’m not messing around.”  When they still looked at me like I was insane, I said “Fine!  If you want to stay out there and die, you can do it.  But I’m closing this door!”

Finally the kids entered the closet and huddled close.  Then my sister.  Then my mom.  She shut the door just as the tornado hit.  We all held on a little tighter when we felt the air change and heard the tornado roar.

When the tornado passed we opened the closet door.  We could see bits of a sunny sky through the partially torn off roof.  We went outside to observe the damage and I realized that we’d been transported to San Francisco.  The house was on top of another building that held a food court.  The Ferry Building’s bell tower had been torn off and was deposited (whole) nearby.  Sky scrapers had been broken in half.

I suddenly realized that I had no idea where my husband was.  I frantically called his cell.  All I could hear was screaming on the other end.  When it stopped I said “DH, I have no idea where I am, but I’m near the Embarcadero.  Look for the broken Ferry Building tower.  Please come find me.  I’ll be downstairs.”

Just when I was going to call again DH showed up.  We hugged and kissed like they do in the movies.  Then we looked out the floor to ceiling windows and saw another funnel cloud darkening the sky.

And I woke up.

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