I Can Feel the Wind Go By

“I can feel the wind go by when I run.  It feels good.  It feels fast.”  -Evelyn Ashford

I came across this quote in the motivational quotes section of SparkPeople.  Sometimes when I run I feel just like this.  And sometimes I struggle with every fiber of my being to remember this feeling.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you’d run, just to run?  Or you’d ride your bike as fast as you could before coasting along?  Ms. Ashford’s quote reminds me of that feeling.  The freedom, the speed, the power… that feeling of flying.

I’m working towards having that feeling every time I run.  Or at least the majority of the times I run.

Right now running is difficult for me.  I don’t know why something that was so easy (or at least not exhausting) a few weeks ago is so difficult now.  Is it simply the change from a 2/1 run/walk cycle to a 3/1 that’s the culprit?  Am I not fueling or hydrating properly?  Is it my sleep?

Until I figure it out I need to remember that feeling from childhood.  That feeling from the perfect run.  I’ll keep working towards it and know from experience that it’s possible to achieve.

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  1. I think in answer to your question about the tiredness, it is probably “all of the above”. However, I have found with my running when I hit stretches of extreme tiredness it is almost always when I am not eating enough protein and not getting enough water. Sleep and changing up the length of time running vs. walking I am sure also play into it, but try keeping a log of what you eat and right before and after your runs and how much water you are drinking during the day and see if you notice any patterns.

    And way to go with sticking to it! I love the quote, too.

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