“Yes, risk taking is inherently failure-prone.  Otherwise it would be called sure-thing-taking.”  –Jim McMahon

Do  you know people who only make the safest choices?  They avoid risk unless there’s truly no other choice… or unless something inside them is rebelling against safety. This quote, found on SparkPeople, made me think about the risks I take and those I don’t.

I tend to look for the sure thing.  It’s safer and easier in a lot of ways than taking a risk.  But there are always risks to be taken.

I know I’ve taken a risk by signing up to run a half.  And there have been failures along the way with my training.  I’ve learned from some of those failures, and I’ve applied some of what I’ve learned so that I don’t repeat the same failures.

I think that maybe we need to look at risk-taking as a learning experience.  We learn a lot about ourselves from the risks we take, and the problems we run into along the way.  The way we deal with those problems, the way they affect us, and our propensity for repeating those mistakes… those all tell us about, well, us.

My newest risk-taking venture is the greeter desk.  The whole thing is a risk.  We’re redefining the way it works, the way the staff work at that desk, the amount of time they spend at that desk, the tasks that are completed at that desk, etc.  And our model could (possibly) be transferred to other libraries.  Now that I’ve received input from my staff, I have some place to start with this venture.  The risks are still there.  We just have to be nimble as we discover that certain ideas aren’t working, and try new solutions as needed.

OK, time to get ready for my day.  I need to talk to the branch manager about the ideas that the staff came up with and find a plan for making some of it work.


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