This blog is me whining

I made my new recipe for the week last night… and I forgot to take a picture again.  *sigh*  I remember the photos when it’s time for my brother to cook because they’re one of the most important elements of his blog, but when it’s mine I forget.  Oh well.  Dinner was tasty: Lemon-Tarragon Pork Chops with Quinoa (cooked in chicken broth) and some strawberries for dessert.  I forgot to make veggies too.  Oh well.

I haven’t really been doing anything towards my other goals.  I think I’m in a funk.  I want to jog, but I’m scared of hurting myself.  It’s not hurting to do most things now, but I can feel it when I lift anything heavier than a pound (I wonder how long that’ll last).  I know the longer I go without jogging, the harder it’ll be to start up again.  Maybe I can talk DH into setting up the treadmill for me tonight.  I’d do it, but that thing is definitely heavier than a pound!

I’m also out of clean clothes.  Well… not completely out.  I can make it for another 4 or 5 days, but I can’t get the laundry done because the stupid baskets are heavier than a pound, and I never think to ask DH for help.  Something about my need to be “in control” of everything all the time.  It’s funny, I need to be in control, I refuse to ask for help, but then I get mad/annoyed when people don’t offer.  That’s not just funny, it’s stupid and pointless.  It’s something I need to work on.

We’re still saving for a down payment and closing costs on a house.  I keep looking at the listings and dreaming of what our house will be.  There were a few that I wanted to buy late last year that aren’t on the market any more.  They needed work to be sure, but what do you expect for cheap in the SF bay area?  All I can really do is keep saving and hope that DH will give me the green light to go to the bank and get started.  I just don’t want it to be another 16 years before we buy, ya know?

Blah, I’m definitely in a funk.  Time to get up, eat breakfast, go for a walk outside and cheer myself up.



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