Important Conversations Happen at Disneyland

It’s funny how all of our important conversations happen at Disneyland.  It’s where DH (finally!) asked me to marry him.  And this trip, it’s where we seriously discussed buying a house this year vs. waiting a few years.  I couldn’t figure out how to tell him why buying sooner rather than later is so important to me.  And then I realized, that for me buying a house isn’t necessarily about owning it and knowing that nobody can raise the rent on us in our old age.  It’s really about being able to fix the things that are bothering me about our current situation.  Things that he doesn’t have to deal with unless I’m physically incapable of taking care of it myself.

It’s not about the marijuana smell making its way through our walls from the side we share with the New Yorkers.  It’s not about the Chinese karaoke blaring through the side we share (right this second) with the Chinese family.  Those are both annoying things, but I can deal with them.

It’s about not being able to do the laundry whenever I want.  Most of the time the washer and dryer are being used by one of the other three families in our complex.  And we’re not allowed to do laundry after 10pm.  I often feel like the only way I can do laundry at home is if I take a day off midweek… and hope nobody else has done the same.

It’s about having a stove that doesn’t lean heavily to the right.  That causes some interesting problems when it comes to evenly cooking food.

It’s about having an oven that doesn’t randomly decide whether to cook 50 degrees hotter than the dial says so that I have to guess (and hope and pray) that dinner (or cookies) isn’t burned.

It’s about having a refrigerator with all of the shelves in the door, and a freezer that doesn’t randomly stop freezing.  When the freezer gets warm it makes this really loud pop/bang sound.  We call it the freezer troll.  The Freezer Troll says hi a lot.

It’s about having more than one plug in the kitchen and a counter that’s big enough to hold a cutting board.  Oh, and a dishwasher, and a pantry!

It’s about having space for a dining room table AND the people sitting around it AND the people who need to walk by to get into the kitchen.

It’s about having a heater that works properly so that I’m not shivering from September to May every year because I’m too scared to turn it on.

It’s about taking a shower without having to fear that a neighbor will also want one at the same time (we all share the same hot water heater), or that a neighbor will decide to run the washing machine, or that the sprinklers will turn on.  It’s about having enough water pressure in the shower to rinse the shampoo out of my hair quickly.

If it were any one (or even two) of those things listed above, I could probably deal with it for a couple more years.  I take that back… the kitchen, laundry, and heater stuff bother me every day.  But the rest of the stuff is not such a big deal to me.  We’re really lucky because we’re in a rent controlled 4-plex.  I thought about moving into another place for a couple years so that we could continue to save.  Unfortunately, that would mean paying a lot more in rent.

Those are the things we discussed in Disneyland while waiting for DH’s coffee to arrive.  So, on Saturday I got the OK to start figuring out what it is that we need to do to buy a house.  I have to gather all of the things we’ll need to apply for a mortgage.  And then we’ll go from there.  Why do I feel so nervous all of a sudden?


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  1. i enjoy the treadmill in extreme cold/ bad weather… Ouch re: fall.. I would stick to the treadmill also following that


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