I need to stop going to ball games

My husband called me at work yesterday and said “Babe, I won some Giants tickets for tomorrow at 12:45. Can you go?” I sweet-talked my boss into taking me off the schedule and said “Hell yeah!”

I was excited because I hadn’t yet been to AT&T Park and because it’s been so long since I’d been to a game. I sat in my awesome (almost behind home plate) seat and promptly watched the Marlins score 2 runs. *sigh* This happens at every game I go to.

I remember us getting some awesome 50 yard line tickets for the 49ers… Only to watch a lackluster game that they ultimately lost. Something similar happens at every A’s game, and when I watch Minor Leagues as well.

By the eighth inning, the Giants had scored 1 point. I knew it was time for me to leave if there was to be the faintest chance of them tying, let alone winning.

I’m not allowed to look at the score yet – the game is still going and I might jinx them further.

So, this is why I shouldn’t go to home games… My team always sucks if I do! Oh well at least I got some beer and garlic fries (yum!) out of it!


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  1. Or it could be our teams suck.

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