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I’m participating in an online shop hop called “Fab Shop Hop”.  With a regular shop hop, you get into your car and drive to a bunch of different participating shops.  Each shop will stamp your passport, you go shopping, and you can win prizes.  The online shop hop is a similar idea, except you do it from the comfort of your own home.

So far I’ve visited 49 of the 120 quilting shop websites that I have to visit.  I’ve seen a huge difference in the production value of many of the sites.  Some are visually cluttered with lots of photos, moving fonts, weird colors and a (really) long first page.  It’s hard to tell where to look, let alone where to click.  With those sites, I usually want to find the bunny for the shop hop and get the heck out.

Then there are others that are clean with pleasing colors and simple design.  Their search toolbar works well, there’s a FAQ… in short it all makes sense.  It tends to be easy to see where to go and where to look.  It’s nice.  Those are the ones I usually dive into and explore.  If their products tickle my fancy, I’ll even bookmark them to come back to later.

I wonder how many of these shops understand how important production value and simple design matter to potential online customers.  I wonder how many online shoppers understand why they like one site over another.  It would be interesting to see a study of some kind on how much online sales at quilting websites are affected by production value. 


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  1. I’m like that with virtually any website. If I can’t find what I need right away, they lose. I hate cluttered, hard to navigate, unsightly sites. 🙂

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