My DMV Visit

I went to the DMV today.  I had to do an in person renewal of my driver’s license.  Don’t worry though – I made an appointment.  I wasn’t one of those poor people who didn’t know about this trick or simply forgot to make an appointment.

Even with an appointment, I spent almost 45 minutes in line.  That’s right.  The line for people with an appointment was 45 minutes.  People were kind enough to “hold a spot” for those who were also in line, but needed to use the restroom.  People really can be kind sometimes.

When I was about 5 people from the front of the line, a lady who obviously worked there went around telling everyone to be quiet and listen because she was going to make an announcement.  Apparently, people were angry because they thought that other people were somehow being moved to the front of the line, while they had to sit and wait.  The lady pointed to the line I was in and said “See all those people?  They were smart enough to make an appointment.  Their time in line has been saved.  We will help them as quickly as possible, kind of like a fast food drive thru.  You are all like the emergency room.  You didn’t make an appointment, so you have to sit and wait until we can get to you.  It will be at least an hour’s wait for most of you.  If you can’t wait, I suggest you go to window #3 and make an appointment for another day.  And maybe you’ll remember to make an appointment the next time you need to visit the DMV.”

I about died laughing.  Her attitude was hilarious to me.  I know I never would have had the guts to get up in front of all of those angry people and tell them that it’s their own damn fault that they’re sitting there for so long.

It turns out she’s also the lady who does the picture taking.  There was a super pushy guy near the front of the line who kept butting in and trying to ask questions.  She finally told him to get back in line and shut his mouth.  She goes “You’re like one of those nervous little dogs that yips and yaps at everything that moves.  You’re in line.  You’re not next.  I’m helping this guy right now.  It’s his time.  Be quiet.”  The guy just didn’t get it.  Everyone in line was laughing at him and her reaction.  Finally someone in line said “SHUT UP MAN!  You’re holding up the line!.  If you want her number, you can ask for it later.”  The poor guy turned bright red, laughed… but didn’t stop!

Oh well.  It was an entertaining visit at the DMV at least.  Nobody got “stabby”.  The DMV clerk I was working with didn’t cry from the stress of all the angry people she’d been helping that day (that happened on my last visit).  I got my renewal and went on with my day.


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  1. Glad you survived babe!

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