Magic Mike

My BFF took me out for dinner and a movie tonight in a belated celebration of my birthday. It was awesome because we really don’t get to hang out that often any more. When we were growing up we were together pretty much every day. Of course back then she lived two doors down from me and her mom took care of me after school.

Either way we got to hang out tomorrow. She’d been looking for someone to see “Magic Mike” with her and she didn’t think her husband would be game to see it. So we went tonight.

Every seat in the theater was taken. They were filled with all women… and one man. Everyone cheered when the man came in. He waved and bowed before he sat down.

Ok. So the movie starts and along with it the stripping. For those who don’t know Magic Mike is a story about male strippers.

The men start shimmying and shaking and tearing off their clothes on screen. Of course, I start laughing. Every other female in the audience is cheering and hooting and hollering. Me? I’m laughing hysterically.

Don’t get me wrong. The guys were attractive and had nice bodies… I just found the whole thing hilarious. Every thrust of their crotches and shimmying of their hips makes me laugh harder.

What does this say about me? DH says that I was laughing because men aren’t attractive. But it wasn’t that. I just thought it was funny. And I’d probably react the same way to male strippers in person.

Oh well, just remember this post if you ever decide to surprise me with a stripper. :-p


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