Aaaarrr, matey – thar be treasure! (aka July 2012 project #1)

My husband plays dungeons and dragons with his friends. They all have gotten together for years to play – at least since junior high. As they’ve gotten older, the games involve more drinking and BSing, but they’re still a great excuse to get together and have fun.

Me? I don’t play. I do love to hear them having a great time while I’m upstairs relaxing in a bubble bath or working on a project.

It’s not often that I’m asked to help with their games. This time around, though, their campaign involves pirates. And what pirate game would be complete without a bit of buried treasure?


DH is the dm/gm for their games. He asked an artistic friend of ours to make the treasure chest. It turned out great!


They filled the inside with gemstones and “magical” items. But there were some really special items that needed to be highlighted for the characters. So, I made bags for this items.



Each bag is a little different. All are made of felt with a little rope to tie them closed. If I have time before the next game, I might add a little decoration, but if not then they’re probably just fine as they are – a little prop for the game to make things more interesting.




No peeking inside, though. That’s for the players to do as they discover their buried treasure!


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