Small Change

Remember how at the beginning of the year, I posted that one of my goals was to complete 1 quilting or sewing project each month? I’ve been doing really well with that, right? Well, I’m going to have to amend that goal.

I’d defined “complete” as being completely ready to use or gift… all the way down to the label and binding being attached. But here’s the thing: DH and I are planning to buy a house within the next few months. We know that whatever home we buy will need some kind of work, even if it’s just paint and floors. So, to afford these future costs, we’re cutting expenses now and putting that money aside.

I’m still planning on finishing quilt tops. I have a lot of fabric that’s set aside for specific projects. I just don’t have enough fabric for backing so that I can actually complete the quilts.

So that’s it… just a little change to the terms of my goals… 🙂


  1. I love the sound of a deadline as it goes wooshing by😉

    • LOL, yeah. In this case, though, it’s not the time so much as the money. Since my patterns are all lap size or larger, they require a lot of fabric for the backing. Small budgets don’t allow a lot of space for fabric. 😦

      • I usually make 45″ plus size quilts and I don’t buy quilt fabric – I go to the outlet store and get a good quality, 100% cotton queen or king size sheet for $10-20 and use that, for smaller quilts I get two from one sheet or if I am lucky and get a sheet set at a good price it goes even further. Maybe that’s an option for backing…

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