Lemon Cake

We celebrated my nephew’s birthday this weekend.  Well, the people living over there did.  I wasn’t invited for the cake, ice cream and presents.  I’m a bit hurt because I literally live 10 minutes away… but that’s not what this blog post is about.  It’s about cake.

My nephew’s cake this year is lemon cake with the thickest vanilla butter cream they could find.  Homemade of course.  I was surprised that he chose lemon.  Most of the kids I know go for white or chocolate cake.  He’s got a sophisticated cake palate. 

Our Cake: by Lettie Cakes

Our Cake: by Lettie Cakes

Inevitably, eating a slice of his cake while watching Mom brought back memories of my wedding cake.  It was three layers.  The bottom layer was lemon cake with lemon curd filling.  The center layer was chocolate cake with mocha butter cream filling.  The top layer?  It was fake.  The whole cake was covered in white butter cream with blue squiggles and chocolate covered strawberries on every layer.  There was enough cake for every guest to have a slice of each flavor if they wanted. 

The company is owned by Cheryl Woo, who is dating one of my husband’s coworkers.  That’s how we found her.  She was super nice, and very accommodating.  Plus… she makes cupcakes!  We’re definitely going to order some from her for our first anniversary.  But here’s the question: lemon cake or chocolate cake?  Hmmm…


Today’s blog prompt asks: What’s the single most important thing you accomplished in 2010?

This one is also a bit difficult for me to answer.  As you faithful readers know, 2010 was a big year for me.  So I guess it all comes down to where your focus is in life… which also doesn’t help because I don’t have one major area on which I focus.  There are really two or three areas.  All of them are important because they all intertwine and are reliant on one another in some way to succeed.

So, let’s start with work.  I work at a library and supervise the people who check your books out and the people who shelve them.  I have a great job but I always want more and I almost always have a plan.  One of the most difficult parts of my plan was completed this year when I got my Masters in Library Science.  That accomplishment has resulted in doors that are opened wider, and a feeling of greatness on my part.  I know that I wouldn’t have been able to do it as well or as completely if I didn’t have two other areas in my life to rely upon: my family and my health.

On the family front, by far my biggest accomplishment was getting married.  It’s not like it was a surprise or like planning the wedding was super hard work or like my husband and I had some major crisis to overcome in getting married.  But I guess it counts as an accomplishment because we’ve always known we’d do it even though it never felt like the right time.  Finishing school and being healthy were two major components in us deciding it was “right” to get married last year.

Healthwise the accomplishment isn’t something major like beating back a disease or coming through surgery, but it is something that’s every bit as difficult for most Americans – keeping weight off.  I wasn’t 100% successful with this accomplishment since I regained about 15 pounds that I lost, but I could have regained a lot more.  And I know that the healthier food choices I made gave me the energy to finish school, plan a wedding and honeymoon, and deal with all the stress of the latter part of the year without having major health complications of my own.

So, those are my accomplishments for 2010.  What are yours?

Name Change

Changing your last name is so time consuming!

First you have to show your intent to change your name on the marriage certificate.  Then you have to change it at the Social Security office (requires a form, birth certificate and marriage certificate).  Then you have to change it with the DMV (requires another form, ID, updated social security number, birth certificate, marriage certificate and a fee).  Then you have to let any place you have an account with know about the name change.  You have to update work too.

Can’t we just have one form to fill out, get notarized and then send to everyone?  It would save a lot of time and be so much easier!

*sigh* I’ll keep plugging away at it.

A married woman

I’m back and I’m now officially a married woman!  Working on all the name change and benefits “stuff” that goes along with getting married, but that’s all just a matter of paperwork.

We were married on August 22, 2010 at the San Ramon Golf Club.  It was a beautiful day.  Not too warm with a few clouds in the sky and a light breeze.  I was up at 5am that day to eat and get my hair and makeup done before the mad dash to get married.  I was supposed to be at the golf club by 10am for “getting ready” and “first look” photos.  Unfortunately, I was a half hour late (ACK!) so we were only really able to do the getting ready pictures.  That meant that the first time DH saw me was when I started down the aisle towards him on my brother’s arm.

The flower girls and ring bearer were adorable and so well behaved!  The night before my niece called and said “Auntie guess what!  Tomorrow’s my big day!”  I said “Really?  It’s mine too!”  She went “Oh yeah.  OK bye.”  She sounded so disgusted that it wasn’t just her day.  She’s only 6.  I had to laugh.

DH and I were both teary eyed during the ceremony.  Surprisingly we both chose the same vows from the list our minister gave, but I added on to mine.  DH couldn’t hold his tears back when I said my add-on: “I place my heart in your hands for safekeeping.  I love you.”

My nephew (the ring bearer) cried too.  He was worried that I wouldn’t be his Auntie any more.  I calmed him down and explained that no matter what, I would always be his Auntie and he could come to me for anything because I love him so much.

DH and I danced to “I Do (Cherish You)” by Mark Wills, ate, drank, and partied.  Our cake turned out really well.  It ended up being 3 tiers, with a fake top layer, chocolate cake and coffee filling in the middle, and lemon cake with lemon filling on the bottom.  There was enough cake that each person could have a slice of each if they wanted and a chocolate covered strawberry too!

When it came time to throw the bouquet they told me to aim for the ceiling.  I guess a lot of brides aim too low…  but not me!  I aimed for the ceiling and hit it!  Everyone looked on in horror as the bouquet came crashing down.  My 6yo niece ran up and grabbed that bouquet.  Then she ran over to me and said “Look Auntie!  I got the flowers cuz I was faster than everyone!”  About then she looked up at the ceiling and said “OOOOhhhh…  Auntie!  You made a mess on the ceiling!”  Too funny!

Our honeymoon was a ton of fun.  We went to Disneyworld and stayed in the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Our room overlooked the savannah.  Every morning we’d get up and go out on the balcony to watch the animals.  There were zebras, giraffes, cattle, pigs and pelicans.  I even saw a wild hare once!  We ate at 4-5 star restaurants every day and rode the rides.  We were genuinely sad to leave.

So, to finish this post, I’ll leave you with a link to some teasers from my wedding photographer.  Her name is Heather Prettyman, and she’s kind of awesome.  She did our engagement photos, wedding photos, and my boudoir shoot for DH.  I can’t wait to see the rest of our wedding pictures!

3 days to go

Tonight is our rehearsal dinner… which means we have 3 days to go until we’re married!

You know, I feel like I should be doing more right now.  I even took a whole week off work to get as much done as possible before the wedding.  It really wasn’t necessary but I am enjoying having this time to relax, clean up the house a little bit and watch TV.

My BFF said that the reason I don’t have so much to do is because I’m a hyper-planner and super organized when it comes to events.  I think she might be on to something… I had the wedding planned out in the short break between the Fall and Spring Semesters at school.  Most of my vendors were booked by February and all of the “last minute” things were handled in July.

So today, I’m painting my toenails blue (that’s my something blue), painting my fingernails a really light pink, cleaning the bathrooms, taking out the garbage, getting stuff ready to do at Mom’s tomorrow, buying thank you cards, and going to the rehearsal dinner.

Well… OK, the toenails are done, the tub and toilet in the upstairs bathroom are scrubbed… but the rest still needs to be done!

My First RSVP

My sister brought this over to my house the other day.  My niece was so excited to see the “M” already there for Montez, so she filled it out.

My sister made these for me as well.  She scanned the decorative paper from the invitations and made that into a border.  Then she printed it along with the RSVP info on one side and my address on the other.  She’s so clever!

Free? ehhh… not so much

Does anyone remember how excited I was about my free wedding cake?  My sister traded a computer repair job for the promise of a wedding cake, thus saving me several hundred dollars.  Well, I asked her about setting up a time for tasting and to finalize the design.  She kept putting me off until finally I learned that this person hasn’t been returning her calls or text messages.


Now it’s 49 days till my wedding, and I think I’ll probably have to figure out what to do for a wedding cake.  This last minute crap really bugs me.  I knew better than to trust the idea of the free cake.  I should have said “Thanks!  But let me look around first” or something like that.

Does anyone know of a good, inexpensive wedding cake baker who will deliver in the East Bay?  I guess I’ll just start at the top of the list on yelp and see what happens.

Wedding Invitation Picture

I was going to write a really negative post about my sister and her money issues…  but then I decided I didn’t want to put that kind of energy out in the world today.  Instead, I chose to post a picture of my invitations!

My sister and I designed them.  Then we bought the paper, printed the words, cut the pieces out, and she glued them together.

My Wedding Invitation

I’m very happy with the way they turned out.  We got the paper from PaperSource in San Jose.  I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but there are 3 layers: a sparkly brown, a pretty lotus blossom floral, and the sky blue.  The solid colors were taken directly from the floral, and the brown swirls inside the floral pattern also have a bit of a sheen to them.  Just ignore the strange blue box in the middle – internet strangers don’t need to know where I’m getting married!

So, now it’s off to Grandma’s for computer repair, and then I’ll come back home to work on my giraffe quilt.

Happy 4th! Be safe!

County Fair and Birthdayness

Yesterday was my birthday.  I had a party with Warp Core Breaches and Borg Spheres (very alcoholic beverages), BBQ, and friends.  Maybe it’s a sign of me getting older, but I was ready for the party to end about 2 hours before it did.  It was nice though.

My sister and I successfully completed the Shop Hop.  I got all 14 of my charms for the charm bracelet and some awesome fabric for 2 quilt tops.  Once those are done I’ll pick out the backing fabric.  I spent way more than I really wanted to but I had so much fun!  We’re already talking about going on the March Madness Shop Hop next year.

Today my hunny and I went to the Alameda County Fair.  Even when it’s hot, I like to go.  It’s an excuse to see all kinds of quilts, crafts, animals and a few interesting vendors.  I was disappointed though.  Instead of using the Young California building for the quilts and crafts, they smooshed it all into the science building.  The end result was fewer quilts displayed, no crocheted/quilted projects, and a lot of disappointment on my end.

Tomorrow’s plan is to shop for my hunny’s wedding band.  I have an idea of what it might look like but he needs to be happy with it.  After all, he’ll be the one wearing it.  I also have to get my engagement ring cleaned, and my set sized down a little.  Even though I haven’t lost any more weight, my ring has gotten looser and I’m afraid it might fall off.

That’s about it over here.  I think we’re going to try to watch an episode of The 4400… so far it hasn’t lived up to its pilot’s potential.

Dreaming of a wedding and work

I’ve been at home sick today, alternately napping and reading.  I also soaked in a really hot tub and breathed steam for a while.  Definitely not getting anything useful done, like writing another competency.  (BTW, I’m up to 7 approved! Still waiting for a response on one more.  A few more to write.)

During one of my napping sessions, a dream combined work, wedding, and family stresses into one weird dream.  I was talking to some lady about my mom and transporting her to the wedding, and the lady started bugging me about paying for my mom’s care and/or quitting work to take care of her.  I watched a spider crawl across her desk.  Then the dream fast forwarded to the wedding itself.  I was so upset that it wasn’t like I thought it would be.  Instead of being married in front of the gazebo, we had to be married in an auditorium decorated with green balloons.  The vows hadn’t been chosen, my dress was weird and we forgot the wedding rings.  Then I tried to print something, and the printer/fax/copy machine acted up and got toner everywhere (that’s where the work stress is right now).  Definitely odd.

Now I’m waiting for my hunny to bring me some dinner.  I’m gonna take some decongestant and tylenol to see if that makes my head stop hurting.  At least my throat stopped hurting sometime today.

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