There’s No Such Thing as a Snow Day

Living in the temperate climate of the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve never had a snow day.  Sometimes it bums me out, but then I remember that not having snow days makes it that much easier to do the things I want to do when I want to do them.  Since I’ve never had one, it’s impossible for me to say what I’d do to stay entertained during a snow day.  But, we all have sick days.  You know, the days when you’re too sick to go to work/school but not sick enough to sleep all day?

You can tell just how sick I am by how much activity I do.  If I’m laying like a lump on the couch, drifting in and out of dreamland, then you know I’m really sick.  As I get better, even just a little bit better, I get antsy.  Sadly, I can only watch so much TV, read so many books and write so many blogs before I need to get up and move. Have you ever seen someone who is terribly sick try to do something useful?  It’s comically sad, really.

My mind’s capacity for concentration simply isn’t there when I’m sick.  I’ll be making a grocery list and halfway through I’ll get distracted by heating up soup for lunch.  I’ll watch a training program online and somewhere in there a link for something else will pop up and I’ll click that instead.  I’ll start paying bills and go off track when I see the links for mortgage information.  So then I end up with a lot of half finished projects which sometimes include a mess and be too tired to finish any of them.  Not such an ideal situation.

My coworkers say that they can tell how I’m feeling by how hard I have to think and how many words I “forget” when I’m answering a question.  It’s not a pretty sight.

So, in a nutshell, when I have a sick day I sleep a lot, watch TV, read books, goof off on the internet, breathe lots of steam and get myself into trouble.

New Blog: Making Healthy Choices on a Small Alaska Island

I lurk a lot on The Nest and sometimes I find really interesting things.  I love to look at all the projects on the Crafts board and learn about different cleaning and organizing methods on the Cleaning and Organizing board.  Well, on one of these boards I came across a link to a blog called “Making Healthy Choices on a Small Alaska Island“.  It’s a blog by a woman named Nicole who lives in Sitka, Alaska.  Her goal is to live healthfully one day at a time, which can be a bit difficult on such a small island!

Her latest blog entry is a giveaway entry.  Check it out!

Welcome to 2.0

My hunny went to a work-related conference where they stressed the importance of a professional web presence, especially in a web2.0 world.  So, he jumped in and created his first blog about professional development.  It’s about computer stuff, so beware if you’re not interested in technical talk.

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