3 days to go

Tonight is our rehearsal dinner… which means we have 3 days to go until we’re married!

You know, I feel like I should be doing more right now.  I even took a whole week off work to get as much done as possible before the wedding.  It really wasn’t necessary but I am enjoying having this time to relax, clean up the house a little bit and watch TV.

My BFF said that the reason I don’t have so much to do is because I’m a hyper-planner and super organized when it comes to events.  I think she might be on to something… I had the wedding planned out in the short break between the Fall and Spring Semesters at school.  Most of my vendors were booked by February and all of the “last minute” things were handled in July.

So today, I’m painting my toenails blue (that’s my something blue), painting my fingernails a really light pink, cleaning the bathrooms, taking out the garbage, getting stuff ready to do at Mom’s tomorrow, buying thank you cards, and going to the rehearsal dinner.

Well… OK, the toenails are done, the tub and toilet in the upstairs bathroom are scrubbed… but the rest still needs to be done!

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