Back on the Wagon

I haven’t really been watching what I eat.  I also haven’t been exercising.  Those two things combined have made me gain 12.5 pounds in the last 111 days (weight according to my Wii).  That’s on top of the 15 pounds I gained towards the end of 2011/beginning of 2012.  Ugh.

I could tell that I’d gained weight.  After all, my clothes were fitting tighter, it was more tiring to go upstairs, and it was a lot more difficult to keep up with DH’s normal walking speed.  A couple of weeks ago I found myself actually getting mad at him and thinking he was walking faster on purpose – I guess I just didn’t want to admit that I’d gotten fatter and slower.

C25K is a lot more difficult this time around too.  DH and I started C25K a few weeks ago as part of our preparation for the Tinkerbell Half in January.  We’re on week 4 day 2… the other 3 weeks weren’t a picnic.  I found myself strangely reluctant to do something that I’d found so much joy in before.  Yet another sign of being fatter and slower.

So, starting mid-morning yesterday, I got back on the fitness wagon.  I ate healthy foods. I went to the gym and lifted weights.  When DH got home, we went for a run.  And today I’ve eaten according to my plan.  In the interest of full disclosure, I’m planning on starting Alli again.  It worked really well for me in 2008-2009 when I lost 43 pounds on it.  I kept most of the weight off from 2009-2011, and I’ve just gotten suckier at doing what I need to do.

I am pretty hungry though.  And all that damn chocolate, marshmallows, and convenience food isn’t making the munchies go away any quicker.  It’s just about time for my next snack and more water.  Hopefully that’ll last until dinner.  Dinner tonight will be hoisin glazed chicken with seasoned couscous and roasted veggies.  Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

So, that’s it.  I just need to not be fat, slow, and lazy any more.  And I need to figure out how to stay that way once I achieve my goals.


OH! That’s another thing.  My first weight loss goal is 8 pounds.  I need a prize for when I get there…


It’s been kinda… meh.

It’s time for another goals check-in! So far I have to say I’ve been pretty “meh” about the goals – at least about the ones that aren’t fun. The one that I’m falling down the worst on is eating real food. It’s sooo hard for me to do that one. I don’t know why. Is it the will-power thing? Is it lack of planning? I don’t know. I just know that it’s way too easy to eat weird stuff.

To a lesser extent I’m having issues with avoiding white stuff. When I’m home it’s pretty easy to avoid it. The only white things I have in my house are sugar and flour – and those are saved for baking. But when we go out to eat, it becomes a lot harder. Same thing at work too.

I downloaded a C25K app on my iPhone the other day. I had plans of working through it with DH starting today (he wants to run a half marathon with me, but he doesn’t run now). He got sick this weekend so I started it myself. The app is pretty good. I like having the audio cues so that I don’t have to look at my phone so much. The only down side is that it doesn’t keep track of how far I run. When I got home I had to figure it out with mapping software. Oh well. The point of the app is to use it as a cheat sheet for the C25K program, right? Right. I won’t be ready to run the whole 5k that I signed up for on March 11, but I’ll be ready for the next one.

So far I haven’t looked any further than the 5K in March. I should probably get on it and sign up for a couple more 5K’s and a couple of 10K’s too.

I’ve already finished 2 projects for February. Both are bags. One is cute, the other not so much. I also screwed up on a handle for the not cute bag. Oh well, it adds to the charm, right?

I’ve been doing super well with cooking a new recipe each week. Last night I made a super simple shrimp dish. Last week I made beef stroganoff. Oh, and today I’m trying my hand at a berry cobbler from our new Disney cookbook. I’m not sure what to make of the cobbler… it doesn’t look “right” to me.

I haven’t gotten started with the computer/work related goals either. I probably should start to do that soon.

Oh! And I did the first step for buying a house – I got our taxes ready to file. I just need to look at them one more time, get DH to hook up the printer again, and file them. I also got the paperwork together to change my name on our checking account. I want to start going through closets and cabinets and storage to get rid of things I don’t want to move into a new place. I know we’re several months away from buying, but I don’t want to have the added stress of a mad-tossing party.

I’ve also been helping my brother out with his blog ( He comes over once a week and cooks a meal. The meal is paired with beer. We post the recipe and a picture. He took a couple weeks off because I wasn’t home, but we’re back up and running now.

OK – it’s just about time to fold the laundry. Then I need to figure out what else is on today’s to do list. Until next time!


The cute bag



The not so cute bag


C25K – W5D1

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I’d told myself that I was going to repeat Week 4.  I wasn’t happy with my performance for that week and then I ended up not working out for 2 weeks, so I thought I really needed to try that one again.

I really did not want to exercise when I woke up this morning.  In fact, I really did not want to get my tushie out of my nice warm bed.  But I did it anyway.  I put on my workout attire, stumbled down the stairs and got mad at the stuff in the way of my treadmill.  I moved it out of the way, set up the machine, and then started the coffee.  By that time I could almost see straight so it was time to get started.

Today I had a brisk 5 minute warmup walk, followed by 5 minutes of jogging, 3 minutes of walking, 5 minutes of jogging, 3 minutes of walking and a final 5 minutes of jogging.  I added in another 1.5 minutes of cool down walking.  I ended up going 1.88 miles in 27 minutes, 27 seconds.  According to Daily Mile that’s an average rate of 15 minutes/mile.  Then I stretched a bit and had breakfast.

The way it really happened is that I started out repeating week 4, which starts with a 3 minute jog.  I wanted to see if I could go for 5 minutes (and I did), so I ended up doing Week 5 instead.  The first jog was pretty easy.  The second jog started out easy and became more challenging towards the end.  The final jog required me talking myself through it and doing that mental countdown thing I do to finish.

I have noticed that it’s really difficult to stretch my left leg after I’m finished jogging.  I know it has to do with my knee getting stiffer and just not wanting to move.  I’ve also noticed that if I don’t force the stretches on that leg, then I end up with a stiff, achy knee for the rest of the day.  Weird huh?

I’m so excited that I was able to complete this workout.  This is the farthest that I’ve ever been in C25K.  I’m gonna keep going!

Nope, not dead

I know you must all be thinking that I’ve fallen off the face of the earth or something.  I assure you, that’s not the case.  I’ve just been busy!  And lazy…

I fully intended to continue jogging last week.  I’d planned on repeating Week 4 of C25K.  But then I started throwing up.  A lot.  Not fun.  My boss wasn’t too happy with the missed days of work either after I’d already been away from the branch for a week for training and would be away for the California Library Association (CLA) conference.  Well, what can ya do?  It’s really a choice between puking at work (and grossing everyone out) and puking at home where you can huddle in bed.  I think I made the wise decision.

Then I thought that I’d just jog while I was in Sacramento at CLA.  I didn’t want to jog in an unfamiliar environment, so I chose a hotel with a gym inside.  I packed my exercise clothes too.  Then I went downstairs to the “gym” and found a broken elliptical, broken bike, and a treadmill that wouldn’t go above 2.5 mph.

So, no jogging last week.  Or this week either.  *sigh*  I suck.

Monday will be better.  I’ll repeat week 4 and continue from there.

Now, with what’s left of the day, I still need to run errands (banking, get a new house key made, grab potluck stuff) and head to a party (the reason for the potluck stuff).  Tomorrow will be filled with work and a housewarming party for one of DH’s coworkers.  I’ll also try to post a bit about CLA, what I learned there, and how I might apply it at work.

Couch to 5K – Week 4 Day 3

For more information on the Couch to 5K training visit

I actually completed this workout for C25K as written today.  In 28 minutes I went 1.94 miles.  I added another 1.5 minutes for a cool down, so my total time and distance are a little skewed. I’m glad I finished. The running portions were all done at 4.7 mph. The walking portions were all done at 3.5 mph, and my cool down decreased the speed from there. I’m a little dizzy and I need to ice my knee, but overall I’m OK.

I learned last night that some races don’t allow you to wear headphones “for safety reasons.”  I guess that makes sense, especially on a course that isn’t closed to traffic.  I thought that I should probably practice running with and without music so that I won’t be completely thrown off my stride if I’m ever not allowed to have headphones.  Today was a no music day.

It was my first such day, so it was a little odd.  In some ways it felt like things went a little faster.  In other ways it was a little weird.  I definitely had to talk to myself a bit more since I couldn’t lose myself in the music.  I also found myself paying more attention to my breathing so I was able to change my stride/breath pattern as I noticed the beginnings of a side stitch instead of waiting until it started to hurt to breathe.

That’s not to say that this workout was much easier than the other week 4 workouts.  I still ended up covered in sweat, feeling like I couldn’t possibly take another step, dizzy, nauseous and anxiously watching the clock.  But I finished nonetheless.

I looked ahead at the workouts for week 5.  I don’t think I’m quite ready for them.  Ill definitely be repeating this week.  There’s no sense hurting myself so that I can finish “on time” for something that doesn’t have a hard finish date.


Couch to 5K – Week 4 Day 2

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Today’s workout had the same requirements as Monday’s and it was just as challenging.  The difference?  I actually completed this one!

I generally prefer to jog in the mornings, before my knee has had a chance to become tired and achy.  It didn’t work out that way today because I stayed overnight to take care of mom.  As a result, I had to push today’s workout back to tonight and I ended up running on a tired knee.

After Monday’s disappointment, I really wasn’t looking forward to this workout.  I figured that I needed to run smarter and listen to my body this time.  Novel idea, right?  Normally I walk at 3.5 mph and jog at 4.7 mph.  That’s what I did for the first three jogging portions of this workout.  Then, since the final jog was where I fell apart last time, I cut my speed back to 4.5 mph.  It was still really tough, but it worked.

About a minute into the final jog (the 5 minute one) I was already hot and annoyed.  Whiny almost.  I told myself to shut up and jog.  Then 2.5 minutes in I was ready to quit, but I told myself that I was halfway done, and to keep going.  4 minutes in I started to get excited – I could see the finish line!  30 seconds later I tried to count down, but got discouraged and quickly stopped that idea.  15 seconds later counted down and at the 5 minute mark I wheezed “wooo!” and got back to walking.

I went 1.92 miles in 28 min 13 sec.

So, I think what I learned from this workout is the importance of working smarter and self motivation.  If I hadn’t slowed down for the final jog I would have had a harder time finishing.  And if I didn’t talk myself into keeping going I would have quit again.

C25K – W4D1

For more information on Couch to 5K visit

Today’s run was… disappointing.  I guess that’s the best way to describe it considering I didn’t finish.

I talked myself out of bed at 6am because I knew I had to be on BART by 8:15am at the latest to make it to my project management training on time.  I started the coffee (remind me to set the timer on that), set up the treadmill (remind me to get that 90% ready the night before), changed clothes and got to exercising.

The first 3 minute jog was great!  I could do that with no problem, so I’m happy about that.  The first 5 minute jog was OK.  It wasn’t as easy as the 3 minute jog but it wasn’t terrible.  The second 3 minute jog was on par with the 5 minute one.  Then came the second 5 minute jog.  Can you say scary?

I got to about 2 minutes in and started feeling sick to my stomach.  By 2.5 minutes I knew I needed to slow down so I did.  By 3.5 I was gasping and tripping and hot and dizzy.  Crap.  I couldn’t slow down any further and still consider it a jog, so I walked. That sucks.

To be fair, I did try this program once before.  I only got as far as Week 4 Day 1 before, and I couldn’t finish the first 3 and 5 minute jogs.  I know I’m doing much better than I did before, but I’m still disappointed.  I have a feeling I’ll need to repeat this week.  No sense in going on to more difficult workouts if I can’t complete the prerequisite!

OK, how about a compromise?  If I can finish the next 2 workouts, I’ll only repeat the first one.  Does that make sense?

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