Strange Dream

I slept in today, but was awakened by a strange dream.  In this dream I was at work and Mick Jagger called me on my cell phone “just to chat.”  It seemed that I had written him a letter asking for a photo of his wife’s engagement ring for a piece I was doing on celebrity engagement rings.  He was impressed by it and called to talk about it.  Then he offered me family pictures in case I ever chose to write an article or something about celebrity families.  We talked about his daughter Natalie and I said that I was proud of him for not playing up to the media’s insatiable need to stalk celebrities.  As we were talking I walked around the library and watched my coworkers work.  Then they got noisy so I went outside and was creeped out by the spiders that were everywhere.  It was just the strangest dream.  As I woke up, I wondered if Mick Jagger has a daughter named Natalie (according to Wikipedia he doesn’t).  Then I rolled over and went back to sleep.

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