Clean All the Things Weekend

One of my coworkers introduced me to a blog called Hyperbole and a Half.  Allie (the artist/author) writes hilarious entries that I can totally relate to… one of which is called “This is Why I’ll Never Be an Adult.”  After reading every post on her blog within a few hours and crying with laughter, I discovered that she sells different products with her artwork on them.  I was lucky enough to receive an apron based on the adult failure post that says “Clean All the Things.”  It’s awesome!

I’d been looking around my house for some time, realizing that I was feeling kinda gross.  There was clutter everywhere.  The floors needed to be mopped and vacuumed.  The kitchen was embarrassing.  You get the idea.  So, I declared this weekend a “Clean All the Things Weekend.”  It gives me an excuse to wear my nifty new apron and do something that has immediate gratification.

Yesterday I did 5 loads of laundry.  UGH….  I hate doing laundry, but only because access to a washer and dryer is difficult to obtain.  I also did all the dishes and tied the loose cardboard on our patio.   This morning I did two more loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom.  DH helped by cleaning up the living room and moving the mini-fridge back to its designated space.  We ran out of cleaning products, so we took a break to buy some and then came back to clean the downstairs bathroom, all the downstairs windows, the banister, the front door… you get the idea.  Tomorrow will be ironing, groceries, the upstairs bathroom and our bedroom.

Although my home has a long way to go until it’s spotless, I’m happy with the progress we’ve made.  It’s amazing how much better I feel in my cleaner home!  The next trick is to keep it that way.

The Norm…

Since I started school I’ve noticed my house has become a bit dirtier than normal.  The dishes are piling up in the sink (no dishwasher so I have to do them by hand), the vacuuming isn’t being done (by the time I think of it it’s late and the neighbors will be upset if I make too much noise), and the tables are becoming “hotspots” of clutter again.  All this in just two weeks of school.  *sigh*  So, starting tomorrow I’ll use my timer again, and work on the house for 15 minutes at a time, just like FlyLady says.  I’ll use my timer for reading assignments too, so that I don’t read until I’m cross-eyed.  If I don’t, my house will make me cranky – and that’s not good for anyone around me.

On another note, I finally got the last book I needed for school.  I started reading it, and so far it seems as though the teacher is just lecturing from the book.  I’ll read the next chapter or two, and if I feel like the teacher is just saying the same stuff that I’d find in the book, I’ll just stop reading it.  I need to budget my time too wisely to sit there and read what someone just got done telling me.

I haven’t been keeping up with the Learning 2.0 stuff.  Too busy these last couple of weeks.  So I’ll work on that 15 minutes at a time too.

Well, that’s all that’s going on in my life right now.  Nothing super exciting, just the norm…

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