Dress = Morals?

Today was rough.  Started out with itchy, watery eyes and progressed to a random stranger implying I was immoral because of the way I was dressed.  *sigh*

Allergies suck.

Room capacity limits suck, especially during a very popular children’s program.  Sorry people, I can’t let you in no matter how much I’d like to.  The Fire Marshal set these limits for a reason and there is literally no place for you to fit.  You can beg, cry, threaten, stomp your feet like a 2-year-old, but I’m not letting you in.  What’s that?  Your child is in there?  Well, you’re welcomed to go in and remove him from the program, but I cannot let you stay inside the room.

Then, soon after the program ended, there were a million people in the library (only a slight exaggeration).  One asked if I was in charge.  I said that I was one of the managers and asked how I could help.  She then proceeded to tell me that I was dressed inappropriately for working with children, and that it might give young boys ideas that they were far too young to understand.  Then she said that she wouldn’t expect someone of my morals to understand the importance of wearing a bra or not showing cleavage.

I thanked her for her input, turned around and walked away.  What I really wanted to do was show her my (very pretty, very supportive) bra, and then point out how hideous she looked.  I mean, seriously?  A man haircut that looks like it’s turning into a ‘fro, bad teeth, buttoned up shirt tucked into belted mom jeans, not a lick of makeup, socks with sandals and a bad attitude to match.  But I didn’t.  I went back to helping the rest of the patrons, reminding children to walk, tracking down parents of crying children, and working my ass off to keep the library running smoothly.

One of the staff wanted to know what the lady said because she could see that I was upset.  I told her what happened, and the staff member said “She told you she was worried about children seeing cleavage?  She told me that someone needed to tell you to cover up, because her husband had been staring at you the whole time you were out here.” Sounds like good old fashioned jealousy and insecurity to me.

So I feel mildly better about the situation.  Especially since regular patrons have been complimenting me all day about my dress, and encouraging me to dress up more often.  And especially since the lady called my boss who said that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my outfit, that it was appropriate for library work, and that she would not be telling me that I shouldn’t wear it again.

It still just bothers me that she – a complete stranger, whom I had never seen before – would have the nerve to come up to me and question my morals based on a dress that was considered appropriate attire.  DH asked me if she was part of some weird religion.  I couldn’t tell you whether or not she was, but it might explain why she felt it was OK to be so mean to me.  Otherwise, I’d have to fall back on the jealous, ugly and crazy explanation.

After the beer, pizza and relaxing on the patio with my husband I’m definitely feeling better.  It’s amazing how the simple things can make everything better.

Tucked in All Day

The outfit I was planning to wear today fell through, mostly because you can see a purple bra through a white tank top and I didn’t feel like changing my bra.  So instead I wore a blouse tucked into my bootcut jeans with some cowboy boots and a belt.  I’d planned on untucking my shirt after awhile once it mostly untucked itself (and once the belt started bugging me too much), but after all the compliments I got today I decided to keep it tucked!

One of the clerks I supervise said “Danie!  Look how tiny your waist is!”

One of the librarians I work with said “That’s a great look for you!  So polished.”

One of the building maintenance guys said “You look good today – what are you doing differently?”

One of the janitors said “You look skinnier.  Are you still jogging?”

One of the library members I was helping said I was real pretty.

Talk about a self-esteem boost!  And to top it off, the belt didn’t bug me once!  In the past it would dig into my stomach whenever I sat down or crouched or bent at the waist, but today it felt like a firmer waistband instead of a torture device.

It seems like this whole eating right and exercise thing is working the way it’s supposed to!  Since March 1st, I’ve lost 8 pounds.  My waist is down to 30″, my hips are 41″, each thigh is 25.5″ and each upper arm is 13″.  Those are all smaller numbers than they were on March 1st!  All I gotta do is keep up the momentum – I know I can do it!

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