Love Notes

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How many people have received love notes? I know I have. And I’m not just talking about the squishy, lovey dovey kind that the man (or woman) in your life writes to you. I’m talking about those little notes that say “You are Awesome!” in one way or another.

When you think about it that way, you may have received a lot of love notes. Just someone showing their love and appreciation for you in one way or another. I post mine in my office at work. I use them as a reminder for when the day is tough and it feels like I’m not making a difference in the world. And they have even more meaning when you realize that those who work in customer service receive at least 10 complaints for every 1 compliment.

emoticon One of them starts out “Hey Genius!” It was from a fellow classmate who interned at my library. She wrote it when I received my MLIS.

emoticon Another says “What awesome customer service!” It was from a patron who has a lot of behavioral/emotional problems.

emoticon One came in the form of a hand painted card and candy dish that simply says “Thank you for calling 911 and convincing me to go.” It was from a patron who gave blood before stopping at the library… where she passed out and started vomiting while unconscious.

emoticon One from my husband says “I love you!” He snuck in one day and left it for me.

emoticon I received one via email from a patron who said “You are so thorough and I appreciate that to the utmost.” This was from a patron who was positive he returned an item. He was thanking me for looking in 6 different places… only to have him find it at home.

There are more, but those are the ones I remember off the top of my head right now. These love notes are important. They show that people notice and appreciate what you do. They’re a great reminder that your work, your efforts and even you yourself are important to someone – even if it’s just for a few minutes.

So never forget how awesome you are. Never forget how important you are. And always remember that by working to improve your health, you are making the world a better place.


Tucked in All Day

The outfit I was planning to wear today fell through, mostly because you can see a purple bra through a white tank top and I didn’t feel like changing my bra.  So instead I wore a blouse tucked into my bootcut jeans with some cowboy boots and a belt.  I’d planned on untucking my shirt after awhile once it mostly untucked itself (and once the belt started bugging me too much), but after all the compliments I got today I decided to keep it tucked!

One of the clerks I supervise said “Danie!  Look how tiny your waist is!”

One of the librarians I work with said “That’s a great look for you!  So polished.”

One of the building maintenance guys said “You look good today – what are you doing differently?”

One of the janitors said “You look skinnier.  Are you still jogging?”

One of the library members I was helping said I was real pretty.

Talk about a self-esteem boost!  And to top it off, the belt didn’t bug me once!  In the past it would dig into my stomach whenever I sat down or crouched or bent at the waist, but today it felt like a firmer waistband instead of a torture device.

It seems like this whole eating right and exercise thing is working the way it’s supposed to!  Since March 1st, I’ve lost 8 pounds.  My waist is down to 30″, my hips are 41″, each thigh is 25.5″ and each upper arm is 13″.  Those are all smaller numbers than they were on March 1st!  All I gotta do is keep up the momentum – I know I can do it!

Meals for the week, and a compliment

I try to have a dinner plan every week – even if that plan consists of the words “Eat out a lot”.  That way I know what I need to buy from the grocer and about how many calories I need to budget for during the rest of my meals.  This week we’ll be eating:

  • Sunday: Balsamic-thyme chicken
  • Monday: Beef stroganoff
  • Tuesday: something from the freezer (work super late)
  • Wednesday: Chicken tortilla soup (Freeze the extras)
  • Thursday: Date night
  • Friday: Tuna Casserole (Freeze the extras)
  • Saturday: Chicken fajitas

Last night I reheated beef stew from the freezer.  The potatoes didn’t hold up so well.  They got a little crumbly.  Plus there just wasn’t enough for both of us since I didn’t have any accessories to bulk up the meal.  Oh well, you live and learn right?

Yesterday I also received a really nice compliment at work from a coworker/employee.  I always feel weird calling them employees even though I’m their supervisor.  I don’t know why… maybe it’s because I don’t just supervise them, I work with them too.  So I usually end up calling them coworkers unless we’re having to do something that involves discipline.

Either way, this coworker came into work yesterday to hand me some paperwork.  She said that she admires me a lot and really enjoys working with me.  She said that I’m kind, caring, and that I work hard.  She also appreciates that great customer service isn’t just a concept I talk about, but also something I try to give every day.  Then a few minutes later she came back into my office, pointed at the sorting room and said “See?  You even do the tasks everyone hates to do before we all get here!”  Such a great way to start my day!

OK, it’s time to get ready for my day.  I’ve got to work with weights, buy groceries, spend time with my husband, and go to work.  Maybe I’ll get some more scrapbooking done today too.  A gal can dream right?

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