Dreams that Continue

Have you ever been dreaming right before you wake up?  Most of us have, I think.  But I have an awesome power: if I go back to sleep fast enough I can sometimes pick my dream up right where it left off.  Cool huh?  It happened with this morning’s zombie dream.

I don’t know why I dreamed about zombies this morning, but we all know that zombie dreams aren’t nightmares in my book.  In this morning’s dream I was involved in a car chase.  Some bad people were chasing me and I was trying to get across a bridge to escape them.  I took a wrong turn and stumbled upon a secret community that was built to create and examine zombies.  Unfortunately the zombie virus mutated so that it was air-borne.  The community members had become infected by the virus which showed itself by cold-like symptoms before they became full zombies.  There were guards to keep people from escaping and scientists who were working madly to come up with a cure.

I didn’t become infected until I stepped out of my car to figure out why they weren’t letting me turn around and drive out.  I wasn’t worried about being infected though.  I figured that I could kill the full-blown zombies and let the scientists use my blood to experiment on finding a cure.  So then, there was lots of zombie killing.  Oh yeah, and the guys who were chasing me were eaten by zombies too.

Then the alarm went off again (I’d been snoozing it for the past 40 minutes!) so I knew I had to get up before we’d had a chance to find the cure to zombie-ism.

Dreams that pick up right where they left off are pretty awesome.  I don’t know how it works, exactly, but I do usually like them.  This morning’s was no different.

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