Back to School

Monday will be my official first day back at school.  It marks the start of the Summer Semester.  I ended up getting an A+, A-, and B+ for the Spring Semester, so I’m not doing too bad so far!

So I’ve enrolled in the BlackBoard portion of the classes and have started reading the articles.  Several of them are PDFs and two of them are such bad copies that it’s frustrating.  *sigh*  With the amount of money I’m paying for my education, the least they can do is make sure to give access to articles that make sense.  One article has every other word in a different font.  The other has the pages in a weird order, and include pages from other articles.  It’s just a bit frustrating.  I’m hoping this won’t be par for the course…

Somewhere in the middle of the semester I’ll be going to Disneyland.  My hunny, our friends, and I have been trying to plan this trip since January.  At first we were going in January, then March, then May…  Now we have reservations for the end of June, right near my birthday.  Unfortunately ALA will also be near Disneyland so all the hotels are either booked or super expensive.  Oh well, we’re sure to have a blast even if we won’t be right across the street from the Park.

Well, here’s to hoping this semester will be super easy and fun, and that work will stay the same.

Hmmm… Disney? Vegas?

Those of you that know me know that I love Las Vegas.  You also know that my hunny loves Disneyland.  So, in spite of school and all the costs that go along with moving out, my hunny and I are trying to plan a trip to each of these locales this year. 

This year, however, we want to do things a bit differently from previous years; we want some of our friends to come too.  Usually it’s just the two of us and after 12 years together there’s only so much time you can spend one-on-one before you get sick of seeing each other, hence our idea to bring some friends.  So, we’re going to try for Disneyland in February and Vegas in March. 

My hunny always laughs at me when I’m planning a trip.  I become obsessive about finding the best deal possible.  I look at review sites like TripAdvisor (where I’m a member) and compare prices among the different vacation searches to see if that cheap hotel is really such a great deal.  Then I find cheap things to do, cheap places to eat, and come up with an itinerary that incorporates the things each of us want to do.  It seems a little crazy, but it works out in the end…  I know how much we’re going to spend almost down to the penny!

So, if I seem a bit more distracted than normal it’s because I’m dreaming of possible vacation destinations.  What’s your favorite place to vacation?  What are the best activities to do there?

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