Last night’s thematic dreams

I’ve been having a lot of weird dreams lately.  And of course, this means that I wake up in the night a lot.  Last night was no exception.

I don’t remember all of my dreams, but I remember different parts of each dream:

  • My mom stopped breathing in one dream.  She was on her knees with her forehead on the ground.  The attendant next to her said “Just make sure her airway is clear. She’ll start breathing again.”  She started back up again but didn’t wake up.  Afterwards I was shaking and crying in the dream and freaking out about the DNR on file for her.
  • I had another where there were bad people in the library and I was trying to protect the public from them.  I set up some kind of an obstacle course that ended with them falling into a pit.  But I had to stop little kids from falling into the pit too.
  • There was another where I was at my mom’s house, pre-remodel.  Someone had a baby, but they died and nobody knew what to do.  I took the baby and decided that I would take care of it.  I wrapped it in a blanket and searched through the fridge for something to feed it.  I found mashed potatoes and decided that the baby could suck them off my finger until I could find some formula.  People kept trying to take the baby away but I just held it tighter.  I said “He’s beautiful and he’s mine.”
  • In another dream I was at a friend’s house.  They had a few cats.  I somehow ended up on my back on the floor with a pregnant cat laying on my stomach.  She started giving birth.  I was grossed out but excited too.  I remember thinking that I was glad my jeans hadn’t just come out of the wash because then I’d be really upset that they were so dirty.  My friend wanted to move the cat but I told her not to because it might hurt the mama and the babies.  I said that she’d move when she was ready.
  • In the last dream my old dog Duncan was there, but he was a lot younger.  Not quite a puppy, but not quite an adult.  He rolled onto his back and I scratched his belly.  I was so glad to see him.  I don’t know what we talked about, but I remember talking to him and he answered.

OK…  So what am I really dreaming about here?  Family, the life cycle, creation, innocence, protection, responsibility, and love.  DH says they’re all maternal/caregiving dreams.  I thought they were all just weird, but at least there’s a theme to the dreams.

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