I found a house

One of my new year’s resolutions is to buy a house.  I really, really want to have a place to call my own.  Someplace where the neighbors’ marijuana smoke doesn’t waft into my living room.  Someplace where I don’t hear gunshots with regularity.  Someplace where I can do laundry whenever I want.  Someplace where I can have a heater that works and appliances in my kitchen that are good, and….  you get the idea.

We almost have enough saved for a down payment.  If we’re really conservative we can buy a very small house by June.  So of course I’ve started dreaming and looking at houses for sale.  And of course I found one… and quickly found that it’s not the right house (whew!).

OK – it sounded awesome on the surface: 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, farmhouse style, 1.75 acres with a creek running through, hillside views, country living close to civilization.  All for $219K in the SF bay area.  My jaw dropped.  I mean, seriously?  So I looked closer because the 4 pictures I saw showed some work needed, and I found a video and 5 more photos.

You have to cross a bridge to get to the house.  The bridge was washed out in 2010 (I think).  The guy who owns the house rebuilt the bridge but without permits.  So first strike: need to get the bridge certified.

The house is water damaged.  There’s no sheet rock, real flooring or kitchen.  The foundation “needs work”.  And the roof is currently a ginormous tarp. I don’t know what it costs to fix a foundation, but I do know that my Mom’s kitchen was redone a few years ago for $30K, the bathrooms were $15k, the floors were $10k, and the roof for her single story home was $20k (this place is 2-story)…  it was all high-end stuff to be sure and this was just before the markets crashed, but it gave me an idea of how much money would need to be sunk into this house to make it livable.

No wonder the house is going for so cheap!!  To give you an idea, there’s another house with the same acreage and same square footage going for $670K just down the street from this one.

Oh well…  if I was a contractor or if I had the $150k+ to get all this work done I’d be all over it.  But I’m not and I don’t so I can’t.  Oh well.  That just means that there’s a better place for us, right?  Right.


Evil white robes

I fell when I was running yesterday. I slammed my head, hands, elbow, hip and knee into the ground when I tripped. I picked myself up, walked almost to the corner and passed out cold. I woke up called my husband (no answer) and tried to walk again. I started to get dizzy so I tried to sit at the corner. When I bent down I passed out again. I don’t remember doing this, but apparently I called my husband. According to my call log it was every minute or so for 10 minutes. My finger must have slipped and hit my brother’s name – when I kinda came to I could hear his voice but I didn’t know where I was. I finally remembered and he came to find me.

I went to the ER and got a CT scan. All clear, just a concussion, lots of scrapes and bruises. My ribs hurt from where I landed on them. It’s like I did too many sit ups or something. All in all a scary day.

I drifted off quickly when it was time for bed. I immediately started dreaming. I talked in my sleep, but DH said the voice didn’t sound like mine. It was like a gravelly, evil whisper. I didn’t go back to sleep easily. This is what came to me as I was relaxing tonight and thinking about my dream:

Figures in cowled white robes.
Hands, feet, faces cannot be seen.
Floating above the ground to complete their mission.
Delivering evil to the world; they darkly chant their words.
A narrow escape into wakefulness.
A knocking in your ear subsides.
Your heartbeat returns to normal.
You drift to the other world again.

DH said I talked in my sleep several times last night. It’s been known to happen (remind me to tell you some of the freaky things I’ve said and done!) but there aren’t normally as many talking episodes as there were last night.

I hope tonight is more peaceful for both of us.

Dreaming of a wedding and work

I’ve been at home sick today, alternately napping and reading.  I also soaked in a really hot tub and breathed steam for a while.  Definitely not getting anything useful done, like writing another competency.  (BTW, I’m up to 7 approved! Still waiting for a response on one more.  A few more to write.)

During one of my napping sessions, a dream combined work, wedding, and family stresses into one weird dream.  I was talking to some lady about my mom and transporting her to the wedding, and the lady started bugging me about paying for my mom’s care and/or quitting work to take care of her.  I watched a spider crawl across her desk.  Then the dream fast forwarded to the wedding itself.  I was so upset that it wasn’t like I thought it would be.  Instead of being married in front of the gazebo, we had to be married in an auditorium decorated with green balloons.  The vows hadn’t been chosen, my dress was weird and we forgot the wedding rings.  Then I tried to print something, and the printer/fax/copy machine acted up and got toner everywhere (that’s where the work stress is right now).  Definitely odd.

Now I’m waiting for my hunny to bring me some dinner.  I’m gonna take some decongestant and tylenol to see if that makes my head stop hurting.  At least my throat stopped hurting sometime today.

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