It’s official – Everything’s in and approved.  My e-Portfolio is done!

YAY!!! *happy dance*

I’ll be marching on May 15 with the SLIS convocation.


I spoke on the phone with my professor last week.  She was much kinder on the phone than in her emails.  I was able to figure out exactly what she wants and she even said “Comp K is almost perfect.”  Woo hoo!

I need to write 2-3 competencies each week to meet the deadline.  So I revised Comp K, turned in Comp B and Comp E, and now I’m waiting for a response.  I hope these go more smoothly now…

First Three

I’ve written and submitted the first 3 competency statements for my e-portfolio.  It’s a bit nerve wracking, since I don’t know what, exactly the adviser wants.  She’ll look at them, give me some feedback, and I’ll revise it based upon her comments.

I wrote the 4th competency today, but I’m a bit concerned.  I feel like I don’t have enough evidence, and two of the competencies seem to be the same thing.  I’ll figure something out.

In wedding news, my hunny picked his best man.  Finally!!!

We also picked our cake design.  My sister ended up drawing it using MSPublisher since I couldn’t find a picture of what we want.  It’ll end up being 3-tiered, white buttercream icing, with royal blue ribbon along the base of each tier.  In front of the ribbon will be chocolate covered strawberries.  Above the ribbon there will be chocolate cutout hearts in the different shades of chocolate.  They won’t be lined up, but placed whimsically instead.  On top of the cake we’ll have the cake topper with the bride dragging the groom behind her.  Next step… tasting!

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