Kinda hard to exercise…

When you can’t leave the house.

My sister sent me a text message on Saturday to let me know that her husband’s aunt had passed away.  They would be expected to attend the funeral.  Since it’s a bit of a distance away (3.5 hour drive) and it will be long (Catholic family), they would need to stay overnight. 

For any normal family, this wouldn’t be an issue.  The non-funeral attending family member would pop in to take care of the pets and bring in the mail.  With us it’s a bit more complicated.

After Mom’s last stroke we became aware that she could no longer be left unattended.  She can still do a lot of things, but she can’t see well enough to get from point A to point B sometimes.  And her memory is iffy.  For instance she doesn’t remember that I’m married and have finished school.  She thinks I’m still a library page in Fremont (a position I held 5 years ago).  So, during the day a caregiver comes in and takes care of the daily stuff.  At night my sister, her family and my brother are home for the rest.

Long story short: I stayed overnight to take care of Mom so they could go to the funeral.  Mom was pretty well behaved.  No arguments about pretzels or complaints about dinner.  She only got up twice after 11pm needing assistance.  The pets on the other hand…  apparently my sister’s cats aren’t fixed.  She has one male and one female.  The female is in heat.  You can imagine the issues this caused.  *sigh*  I have a feeling there will be a new litter in a few months.

So, I’m up and getting ready for the project management training work is having me do this week.  Since I can’t leave mom alone in the house for very long and my sister doesn’t have a treadmill, that means no C25K until I get home tonight.  Right now I feel like I need more sleep.  Hopefully I’ll feel differently later on today.



My best friend’s dad is in the hospital again.  It’s his 3rd time in the past month.  He’s lost a ton of weight, can’t swallow and can’t go to the bathroom.  If they let him go home any time soon, it’s likely he’ll be bedridden.

I talked to his wife (my bff’s mom) today.  She said he’s got a really high fever that isn’t going down, and he’s refusing to allow them to do any additional tests.  He’s always been stubborn like that.  I’ve never seen her cry before, but today she did it for 30 minutes in my arms.

They’ve lived a couple doors down from me up until I moved into my own place a few years ago.  They’re family.  I’ve gone on vacations with them, slept over multiple times and love them as if they’re my own parents.  I’ll be heartbroken if/when he dies.

Please pray for them all.

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