I dream of… factory burning?!?

I wonder why I dream the things I do.  Like this morning, I dreamed that I was married to someone (not my DH) who had betrayed me and that I had to get even.  It wasn’t clear what he had done in my dream, but I knew I had to destroy his factory.  I went in after hours one night and started up the production line.  I set it to go way too fast so that the metal wouldn’t have a chance to cool before the machine attached the fabric and shot the finished product into the catch bin.  Then I went down to the floor area and started combining chemicals until there was a gross color.  Eventually the chemicals started smoking.  Just as I was getting ready to destroy the computers, a private investigator showed up and I ran… right into the police outside.  Just as they caught me the factory went up in flames.

Somewhere after the police there was a trial.  I refused to say a word to the cops or judge.  Somehow I was allowed to get myself to the trial but I started feeling sick.  I ended up in a scary neighborhood and was looking for some place to use the bathroom.  Homeless people kept trying crazy things with me and hiding underground in unkempt yards.  They would somehow pull the dead lawn back, crawl in and pull it over them like a blanket.  Then one of them drugged me with “marijuana in a bottle” – something he stole off a girl at a party.  I was like “noooo…. I’m gonna get in trouble” and started hallucinating in my dream.

Then I woke up.  So what the heck was this all about?  The zombie dreams I understand.  I can even find parallels in those with what’s going on in my life or in a show I’ve been watching.  But this dream was just crazy

San Bruno Fire

I keep thinking about the gas main explosion in San Bruno last night.  I’ve been watching the news and reading the articles about it.  Every time I do my heart drops.  The stories are heartbreaking.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people across the bay.

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