Back on the Wagon

I haven’t really been watching what I eat.  I also haven’t been exercising.  Those two things combined have made me gain 12.5 pounds in the last 111 days (weight according to my Wii).  That’s on top of the 15 pounds I gained towards the end of 2011/beginning of 2012.  Ugh.

I could tell that I’d gained weight.  After all, my clothes were fitting tighter, it was more tiring to go upstairs, and it was a lot more difficult to keep up with DH’s normal walking speed.  A couple of weeks ago I found myself actually getting mad at him and thinking he was walking faster on purpose – I guess I just didn’t want to admit that I’d gotten fatter and slower.

C25K is a lot more difficult this time around too.  DH and I started C25K a few weeks ago as part of our preparation for the Tinkerbell Half in January.  We’re on week 4 day 2… the other 3 weeks weren’t a picnic.  I found myself strangely reluctant to do something that I’d found so much joy in before.  Yet another sign of being fatter and slower.

So, starting mid-morning yesterday, I got back on the fitness wagon.  I ate healthy foods. I went to the gym and lifted weights.  When DH got home, we went for a run.  And today I’ve eaten according to my plan.  In the interest of full disclosure, I’m planning on starting Alli again.  It worked really well for me in 2008-2009 when I lost 43 pounds on it.  I kept most of the weight off from 2009-2011, and I’ve just gotten suckier at doing what I need to do.

I am pretty hungry though.  And all that damn chocolate, marshmallows, and convenience food isn’t making the munchies go away any quicker.  It’s just about time for my next snack and more water.  Hopefully that’ll last until dinner.  Dinner tonight will be hoisin glazed chicken with seasoned couscous and roasted veggies.  Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

So, that’s it.  I just need to not be fat, slow, and lazy any more.  And I need to figure out how to stay that way once I achieve my goals.


OH! That’s another thing.  My first weight loss goal is 8 pounds.  I need a prize for when I get there…

Exercise update: 3/11/11

I started out feeling kind of down on myself about this jog because of all the times I had to stop and walk.  It felt like I had to do it soooo much more often than on the treadmill.  But then I remembered, that jogging on the treadmill is kind of like “virtual jogging” while doing it outside in the wide wide world is “jogging in real life.”

Jogging outside is going to be more difficult than on the treadmill.  You have to deal with the weather, the changing elevations, the cars, crossing streets, and trying not to run over little old ladies in the process.  Jogging on the treadmill keeps you at a constant speed, elevation and keeps you out of the weather, traffic and streets.  It’s just different.

I also realized that I was jogging farther than I ever had before.  When I first started exercising, I could only jog for the length of 2-3 houses before I was too winded to go on.  Now, I can jog 3/4 of a long block before I need to walk.

With all of this in mind, I definitely feel good about this jog, and I’m not nearly as scared as I was about the 5k on Sunday.

(1.9 miles at 13:46 pace)

Exercise Update: 3/7/11 and 3/8/11

OMG!  My 5k is on Sunday!  I feel so unprepared.  I know I can walk the whole darn thing if I want, but I’d planned on doing a mix of walking and jogging (heavy on the jogging).  *sigh*  I’ll do this one, and then sign up for another one a bit further out while planning out my cardio to work towards jogging the whole thing.

So after this weekend I felt pretty bad about the lack of exercise I got, and all the unhealthy foods I’d eaten.  On Monday I got up bright and early at 6am (ugh) to jog on the treadmill and work with my weights.  It was sooooo hard to get going once I got up.  I was up and dressed but dawdled and moved slowly until 6:30, which only gave me enough time to do the cardio work before I had to get ready for the day.

I tried to jog, but it just felt wrong.  The treadmill was making crazy noises and I couldn’t get my breathing right, and my stride felt off.  It just sucked.  So I walked super fast instead.  Then I tried jogging again.  Then back to walking.  I repeated this cycle for 30 minutes and managed to go about 2 miles.

Later in the day I took a break from work and walked around the block.  It was nice and windy!  It felt good to get out of the library for a minute to re-center myself and focus on fitness for 15 minutes.

DH wasn’t home yet when I got in from work, so I pulled out the dumbbells and followed my SparkPeople weight regime.  I can tell you that I don’t like lunges.  They make my knees feel icky, but I know what awesome things they can do for the lower body.  I can also tell you that I’m not such a fan of crunches.  I did them, but ugh.

Today I set the alarm for bright and early again. I almost ignored the alarm and slept in until the absolute latest, but I told myself that ignoring the alarm was the first step back towards fat.  I got dressed in the dark so DH could sleep some more, went downstairs and found the yoga videos by Yogatic I scoped out on YouTube the night before.  I did all 3 beginner yoga videos, and then started in with my day.  The videos themselves were only about 30 minutes long total… but I dawdled after the alarm again.

I’m planning on taking a couple of breaks from work to walk around the block again.  We’ll see if the weather holds out.  If it doesn’t, I’ll have to walk on the treadmill when I get home tonight.

Here are the videos I followed this morning:

I have a problem…

(This is a repost from my SparkPeople (SP) blog)

…Well, a few of them actually. But this problem is SP related. You see, when I go on vacation or do something outside of my routine, it seems like eating healthfully and exercising go quickly out the window.

Take this weekend for instance. I did this awesome shop hop with my sister and her friend. I started out really good: ate a healthy breakfast, packed a couple of snacks and told myself that I would eat appropriately on the road. I also told myself that I’d find the gym at our hotel and work out there after dinner.

The first day we stopped at Starbucks. I was good with the drink: coffee and some fat free milk. Not so good with the treat. I ordered 3 of those mini vanilla scones. I knew I should have limited myself to 1, or not ordered it at all since I had snacks in the car. I told myself that it was OK to order them because I could just eat 1 (140 calories) for a snack now, and eat the others at other times for snacks.

Before I knew it, I’d eaten all 3 and it was time for lunch. Ugh. Lunch was healthy enough. A 6″ turkey sandwich on wheat with veggies and mustard from Subway. Then I added on the baked Lays Sour Cream and Onion chips. *sigh* I only got them because I was jealous that everyone else got to have chips and I didn’t. Never mind that they’re all pushing 300 lbs, and I’m trying to lose weight. And to top it all off, they didn’t even taste very good. Wasted calories.

I thought I’d share an sleeve of thin mints. The other two people in the car with me had 3-4 cookies each. I ate the rest. Again with the mindless eating.

Along the way there was candy at each shop. And home baked goodies. I was good at first, but by the end of the day I was sampling at each shop.

Then dinner came along. We went to a pasta place. Every single thing on their menu outside of the kids menu had some type of cream sauce on it. Their salad was drenched in a creamy dressing. And I had a glass of wine.

You can probably guess that I didn’t make it to the hotel gym.

Saturday was much the same, except that I remembered I’d packed my exercise bands and used them for a quick upper body workout that morning. I also ate a very healthy breakfast: oatmeal with raisins and walnuts, a banana, some coffee with creamer.

Today I didn’t even really try, although I did order from the fresco menu at Taco Bell.

So I know that I can’t stop just because I traveled and ignored everything healthy this weekend. My plan for tomorrow is to get up bright and early, and jog on my treadmill. Then I’ll work on the weight routine that SP suggests. And I’ll eat healthfully all day too.


So today is the day to restart my healthy life.

I jog/walked for 32 minutes and I went 2.15 miles.  The last time I did this, I was able to jog for 5 minutes at a time.  This time… only 2 minutes at a time.  I’m disappointed, but it makes sense.  If you don’t keep moving, it’s harder to do it, right?  So I cycled through 2 minute jogs and minute and a half walks.  I was covered in sweat, but it felt good.

When I finished, I stretched and got right into resistance training:

  • 30 girl push-ups
  • 30 reverse push-ups
  • 30 high kicks with each leg
  • 30 mule kicks with each leg
  • 30 side kicks with each leg
  • 30 calf raises
  • 30 squats

Then more stretching.  Hmmm… looking back it seems I missed ab work.  I’ll do that tomorrow – I need to get ready for date night now.

I feel good.  I am confident that I will lose the 20 pounds necessary to not be “overweight”.  It won’t be easy, but I can do it.

New Blog: Making Healthy Choices on a Small Alaska Island

I lurk a lot on The Nest and sometimes I find really interesting things.  I love to look at all the projects on the Crafts board and learn about different cleaning and organizing methods on the Cleaning and Organizing board.  Well, on one of these boards I came across a link to a blog called “Making Healthy Choices on a Small Alaska Island“.  It’s a blog by a woman named Nicole who lives in Sitka, Alaska.  Her goal is to live healthfully one day at a time, which can be a bit difficult on such a small island!

Her latest blog entry is a giveaway entry.  Check it out!


After my hunny and I walked up the hill to Garin Park, we had to walk back down.  My knee felt kind of achy on the way down, but I didn’t think much of it.  I have a history of tendonitis in my knee.  I knew I probably overdid it a bit.  It wasn’t until a week later when it was hurting so much that I almost fell down my stairs one morning that I thought it could be something more serious.

My doctor says that my tendons and ligaments in my left knee are more elastic than in my right knee.  They don’t keep my patella lined up with its groove in my femur, so then my quadricep and other thigh muscles have to work extra hard to make up for the slack.  When I overdo it, it only aggravates the problem.  The doctor gave me a series of exercises to strengthen my leg muscles and work on alignment.  He said to avoid stairs, hills, uneven ground, squatting, and kneeling… even if my knee feels fine. 

So, it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve seen my doctor.  I’ve been doing the exercises on a regular basis, but I need to get back into the aerobic exercise.  Weight lifting just doesn’t offer the same feeling of accomplishment that comes from sweating for 30 minutes as you jog or even walk.  My knee is feeling better.  I haven’t babied it for 3-4 days now, and it hasn’t been achy in 2 days.  If I’m still feeling as good on Sunday I’ll start back up with the aerobic exercise portion of my new fitter life.

Wish me luck!

Buff Brides

I borrowed several workout DVDs from work, one of which was called Buff Brides. It looked promising enough and claimed to use resistance bands instead of weights. My hunny thought it was “hot” so I let him watch while I worked out to it.

The workout started out well enough… march in place, march up and back, side steps, grapevine, grapevine with a twirl… then combine them all into something that takes up way more room than my little livingroom has. *sigh* First strike.

Then they work in the resistance bands. Only they really mean band (singular) in a circle, instead of the long resistance bands that we all know and love. OK, time to pause and figure out how to tie the darn thing into a size small enough to go around my ankles. Unpause… and the screen shot changes to a closeup of the decorations behind the workout lady while she shows the move. Ummm.. how am I supposed to know which move to make if you don’t show it? *sigh* strike two.

So that workout ends well enough.. I decide to continue to the upper body portion. But wait! They’re requiring weights? What happened to the resistance bands? Oh well, I have lots of free weights here. I pull them out and start the workout.

It all went well until they had me do some weird balancing thing while spinning in place, kicking and doing curls. Ummm… no. I’m sorry. *sigh* strike three, you’re out.

This is one workout DVD I’m glad I didn’t buy.


Dear God!  That workout was hard!  Or should I say those three workouts?

I borrowed a workout DVD from work that promised five 12 minute workouts that you could do throughout the week.  (It’s “Get Fit Daily Dozen” by Denise Austin).   You’re supposed to do a single 12 minute workout every day and count that as your exercise quota.  But here’s the problem: I promised myself that I’d do 30 minutes a day, minimum.  So, I had to do 3 of the 12 minute workouts.

The first workout was the “cardio-athletic” one.  It wasn’t that hard, except for learning the moves.  I think it’ll be a lot easier the next time I do it.

The second one was the lower body/ab sculpt.  That was really, really hard…  well, the abs part was hard.  Think about it.  You’re doing the plank (which is hard enough to do on its own) and then she wants you to do a donkey kick with it.  OW?!?  That’s just one exercise.

The third one was the cardio kickboxing one.  That one was kind of fun, but by then I was exhausted and covered in sweat.

I’ll have to try it again tomorrow…  I’ll do the Cardio kickboxing, upperbody/ab sculpt, and yoga stretch.  We’ll see what happens.

By the way…  I’m halfway to my goal AND I’m at my driver’s license weight!  Yay!

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