Week 8 – Kaenyama, Fremont CA

In my quest to try a new restaurant every week, my fiance and I decided to try this restaurant on for size on Sunday afternoon. From the outside it looked closed, but the number of cars in the parking lot was a better indicator of its open status.

We were immediately greeted and seated. The host showed us the list of specials for the day and went back to his post. Our waitress asked us “What do you want to drink?” No other words passed her lips. We responded “tea please.” She rolled her eyes and walked off. 10 minutes later our tea arrived, but she didn’t stick around to take our order.

We overheard her at the next table saying “What do you want to eat?” Then she came to us and asked the same question. My fiance ordered a couple of rolls (they weren’t memorable). I ordered the tropical shrimp. Both meals were OK. His fish seemed fresh. I finished most of mine, but thought that the sauce they put on the fruit did nothing for the flavoring.

Overall, the place has a cool look, but the mediocre food and abrupt wait staff didn’t make me want to return. It might be fun to try the teppanyaki with a larger group, but I’m not impressed with this restaurant.

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