The New Year’s Resolution Post

It’s the first day of 2012.  Millions of people around the world are making resolutions today.  Resolutions designed to fix some aspect of their lives or improve an internal fault.  A couple years ago my resolution was to try a new restaurant every week.  I’d noticed that I (or should I say we) were getting into a rut of eating at the same restaurants all the time.  There wasn’t that sense of adventure or even a sense of trying anything new when we’d go out to eat.  I thought that resolution would fix that problem.  It did, for the most part.  Sometimes we’d realize that it was Saturday night and we hadn’t yet tried a new restaurant, so we’d dash out the door to get the new restaurant in for the week.  Sometimes we’d start the week with good intentions – we’d even have a plan! – only to be derailed because of illness or other life events.  It was a good resolution and a fun one too.

I don’t remember what my resolution was last year.

This year I started out with a long list of resolutions, much like I do every year.  And this year I narrowed that list down to a few major goals:

  1. Household goal: Buy a house.  Not a condo.
  2. Work goal: Get Project+ certified and learn web development technologies
  3. Crafting goal: Finish 1 quilt or sewing project each month
  4. Fitness goal(s): Run a 5k without walking; complete three 5k’s, two 10k’s and at least 1 half marathon; wear a bikini comfortably in public
  5. Food goal(s): Cut out wheat and rice; eat “real” food; cook 1 new recipe each week

I’ll explain, explore and define these goals more as the week goes on.  After all a goal will never be met if it’s not defined.

Date Night: Extreme Pita

We moved our date nights to Thursday nights because DH wanted to take Judo classes on our regular night.  So last night we went to Extreme Pita on Automall in Fremont, but we didn’t mean to initially.  When you’re driving around the Bay Area, you often see restaurants out of the corner of your eye.  As you can imagine might happen, if you can’t fully read the sign you’ll make up a name that fits what you think you’ve seen.  So we were totally stoked to go to “Extreme Pizza.”  All day DH was texting me about the various types of pizza he wanted, the beer he hoped they had and how awesome dinner would be.  I was excited to find a cheap place to go that also met my New Year’s Resolution to try a new restaurant every week.  Imagine our surprise to drive up and see that “Extreme Pizza” was really “Extreme Pita.”

We poked our heads in and saw a clean place.  A girl was mopping and the floor was wet so we were scared to go in and ruin her hard work.  She scowled when we asked if it was OK to go in.  The guy behind the counter gave us a huge smile and welcomed us into the building.

DH ordered the small Buffalo Chicken Pita and a sweetened Lipton iced tea, and I ordered the small Falafel Pita (vegetarian) and a honey Lipton iced tea.  DH liked his quite a bit and finished it quickly.  He said that it was spicy but it was a good spicy.  Mine was good, but it was a little boring.  It needed more spices or something.  I’d definitely try something different next time.

Although the food was good, we ended up leaving hungry.  The small sized pita didn’t provide enough bulk to fill us up.

Bottom line: the place was clean and the food was good.  I probably wouldn’t make a special trip to south Fremont for this restaurant, but if I’m in the area and hungry I wouldn’t turn it down.


Well, it’s New Year’s Eve.  Tomorrow will be the day that so many people make impossible goals for themselves… AKA New Year’s Resolutions.  What makes these goals so impossible to achieve?  Have you ever really thought about it?  Well, let’s think about it for a second…

When you make a resolution, all you’re really doing is “beginning with the end in mind.”  Somewhere in between the beginning and the end we deviate from our track. 

Were our goals unspecific?  (I will lose weight)
Did we make the goal too outlandish? (I will lose 300 pounds this year)
Was our plan unreasonable? (I will only eat orange foods on Monday, yellow on Tuesday, light green on Wednesday…)

So, the moral of the story is that goals should be specific, reasonable, with a well thought out plan.

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